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PySpark Training Online (Python with Spark)

PySpark has grown in popularity, and many people have learned it in order to become web developers, game developers, and so on. The Spark stack is now being used to improve the functionality of Python applications as well. PySpark is the name given to the combination of Python and Spark. Many people want to take PySpark Training Online, and they can do so by contacting FolksIT. Our expert instructors will explain all course concepts to you, and you will be able to get jobs as a Python PySpark Developer, Big Data Trainer, and many other roles.

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PySpark Training Online Overview

PySpark Training

PySpark Training Online will let you know about various concepts related to Python language and Spark. You will be able to integrate Python and Apache Spark through this course. You will be able to make data-intensive applications after the completion of the PySpark course. This is a PySpark course Online for beginners as well as experienced programmers. Our expert trainers will teach you the course with different PySpark examples.

PySpark Course Online Key features

  • The course will start with introducing what is PySpark, examples
  • Learn the concepts including python work with spark.
  • PySpark interview questions with answers will be provided
  • PySpark tutorial pdf will be available for understanding the concepts in depth
  • You will learn to install PySpark and use it on your system.
  • Mock tests will be conducted which will be similar to the real exam
  • Mock interviews will be conducted in which technical questions will be asked
  • You will become proficient and will be able to answer all the questions in the real interview

Who should take Python with Spark Course Online?

Freshers who want to start their career as a Big Data developer can join the course. The course is also ideal for IT professionals. BI and ETL professionals can also do this course.

Course curriculum
    • What is Big Data?
    • Big Data Customer Scenarios
    • Use Uber Use Case to resolve the limitations of Existing Data Analytics Architecture
    • How Hadoop Solves the Big Data Problem?
    • What is Hadoop?
    • Hadoop’s Key Characteristics
    • Hadoop Ecosystem and HDFS
    • Hadoop Core Components
    • Rack Awareness and Block Replication
    • YARN and its Advantage
    • Hadoop Cluster and its Architecture
    • Hadoop: Different Cluster Modes
    • Perform Big Data Analytics with the help of Batch and Real-Time Processing
    • Why Spark is needed?
    • What is Spark?
    • How Spark Differs from its Competitors?
    • Overview of Python
    • Different Applications where Python is used
    • Values, Types, Variables
    • Operands and Expressions
    • Conditional Statements
    • Using different types of Loops
    • Command Line Arguments
    • Writing to the Screen
    • Python files I/O Functions
    • Working with Numbers
    • Strings and related operations
    • Tuples and related operations
    • Lists and related operations
    • Dictionaries and related operations
    • Sets and related operations
    • How to use Functions?
    • Types of Function Parameters
    • Concept of Global Variables
    • Variable Scope and Returning Values
    • What are Lambda Functions?
    • Object-Oriented Concepts
    • Using Standard Libraries
    • Modules Used in Python
    • The Import Statements
    • Module Search Path
    • Package Installation Ways
    • Spark Components & its Architecture
    • Spark Deployment Modes
    • Introduction to PySpark Shell
    • Submitting PySpark Job
    • Spark Web UI
    • Data Ingestion using Sqoop
    • Concept of RDD (Resilient Distributed Dataset) and its Transformations, Operations, and Actions
    • Data Loading and Saving Through RDDs
    • Key-Value Pair RDDs
    • Other Pair RDDs, Two Pair RDDs
    • RDD Lineage
    • RDD Persistence
    • WordCount Program Using RDD Concepts
    • RDD Partitioning and Achieve Parallelization
    • Passing Functions to Spark
    • What is Spark SQL?
    • Spark SQL Architecture
    • SQL Context in Spark SQL
    • Schema RDDs
    • User Defined Functions
    • Data Frames and Datasets
    • Interoperating with RDDs
    • JSON and Parquet File Formats
    • Loading Data through Different Sources
    • Spark-Hive Integration
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PySpark Training FAQ’s:
1.Why demo classes are conducted?

Demo classes are conducted to ensure that we will provide quality education.

2.What type of job opportunities will I get after the course?

After the completion of the course, you will get the jobs of Big Data developer, Python PySpark developer, Big Data trainer, and many more.

3.What will happen in the case that I miss a few classes?

A recorded video for all the missed Python with Spark classes will be provided to you so that you can cover up the concepts.

4.Is there any refund policy?

Yes there is a refund policy. If you will not like our demo classes, we will refund the registration fee.

5.For how much time job assistance will be provided?

Job assistance will be provided till the time you get a job.

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