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Apache Cassandra Training

You might aspire to be a database administrator or database developer. You can realize your dream by enrolling in Apache Cassandra online training from of the FolksIT organization. Apache Cassandra is an open-source database management system that can communicate with the database and produce the desired results using NoSQL. Cassandra developers are in high demand in the job market. So, sign up now to get Apache Cassandra jobs.

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Apache Cassandra Course Overview

Apache Cassandra Training

In this course, you can learn Apache Cassandra's overall concepts from basics to in-depth. Other things that you will be taught are Apache Cassandra Architecture, documentation, use cases, data model and Jira. You will also be able to compare Apache Cassandra with MongoDB and such descriptions can be found in Apache Cassandra Tutorials.

AWS Cassandra Developer Training Key Features

  • An Introduction to Apache Cassandra
  • Understand the use cases, architecture, column families
  • Learn to install Apache Cassandra on Windows & Ubuntu
  • Prepare for the interview through Apache Cassandra interview questions
  • Attend mock test and mock interview sessions for practice
  • Get Apache Cassandra Certification

Who can take Online Cassandra Certification Course?

The Apache Cassandra Developer Training can be taken up by database developers who want to access databases through NoSQL. Fresh graduates who want to make their career in the Big data or database field can also take the course. There are no prerequisites for the course but having some knowledge of databases is an advantage.

Apache Cassandra - Important Facts

  • It handles complex tasks easily.
  • It is a distributed database.
  • The processing speed of Cassandra is fast in comparison to other database management systems.
  • The database is fault-tolerant.
  • Data structures of all kinds can be handled through this database management system.
  • Learn Apache Cassandra features 
Course curriculum
    • Distributed and Decentralized
    • Elastic Scalability
    • High Availability and Fault Tolerance
    • Tuneable Consistency
    • Brewer’s CAP Theorem
    • Row-Oriented
    • Schema-Free
    • Understanding SharePoint 2013 Deployment and Execution Models
    • Large Deployments
    • Lots of Writes, Statistics, and Analysis
    • Geographical Distribution
    • Evolving Applications
    • Running Cassandra
    • Starting the Server
    • Running the Command-Line Client Interface
    • Basic Command Line Interface (CLI) Commands
    • Hands-on Session
    • How many Columns can Cassandra have and how to add it?
    • What are Wide Rows and Skinny Rows in Cassandra?
    • How to do Column Sorting?
    • What are Composite Keys?
    • System Keyspace in Cassandra
    • Cassandra’s Peer-to-Peer approach
    • How does Gossip protocol work
    • What are Failure Detection methods?
    • Understanding Anti-Entropy and Read Repair?
    • What is Memtables, SSTables, and Commit Logs and how to use them?
    • Understanding Hinted Handoff
    • How do Bloom Filters work?
    • What are Tombstones in Cassandra?
    • Hands-on Session
    • Basic Client API
    • Concepts of Cassandra Thrift API
    • What is Avro format?
    • Hands-on Session
    • Setup and Inserting Data
    • Using a Simple Get
    • Hands-on Session
    • What Is Hadoop?
    • Working with MapReduce
    • Cassandra Hadoop Source Package
    • Running the WordCount Example
    • Outputting Data to Cassandra
    • Hadoop Streaming
    • Hands-on Session
    • How to use Pig with Cassandra?
    • How to use Hive in Cassandra
    • Cassandra Hadoop Source Package
    • Running the WordCount Example
    • Outputting Data to Cassandra
    • Hadoop Streaming
    • Hands-on Session
    • Tools Above MapReduce
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Apache Cassandra Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is a distributed database which can be used to deal with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.

2.Why I should learn Apache Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra online training will help you to become a database administrator and you can learn various aspects of NoSQL.

3.What will I learn through Apache Cassandra tutorial?

In the Apache Cassandra tutorial, you will learn about installing Cassandra on various operating systems like Windows or Ubuntu. You will also learn the concepts of NoSQL, tables, keyspaces, operators, and other things related to a database.

4.What type of certificate will I get?

A certificate of Apache Cassandra course completion will be given to you after the course is completed.

5.Will I get high salary by getting Apache Cassandra certification?

Yes! You will get high salary as per the designation given to you. You will get promotion due to your knowledge and get salary hikes.

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