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VB.Net Programming Training

FolksIT VB.Net training is provided by experts who are working in various top MNCs. Our experts for VB.Net are very passionate and they have more experience in the training sector. The advancement of VB6 has been come along into VB.Net. To provide the learners for the ease of learning all the courses are designed from high levels to low levels for all types of learners to learn easily.

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Microsoft VB Dot Net Course Overview

Microsoft vb dot net

FolksIT offers VB.Net training courses which provide an overview of Visual Basic. The course includes navigating Visual Studio, understanding the topics, and providing a real-world intuition through complete hands-on experience. Visual Basic is one of the most popular languages for writing .Net applications.

This MS VB Dot Net course provides an introduction to designing and developing applications using Visual Basic .Net. After the completion of the course, consultants will become skilled to create basic windows applications using Visual Studio IDE.

Microsoft VB Dot Net Certification Key Features 

  • Understand the basic concepts such as What is VB .Net and fundamentals
  • Learn how to use .Net software for different purposes
  • Flexible timings
  • One to One sessions
  • The better quality course material is provided
  • You will surely become a certified expert on the subject
  • Resume preparation and Placement Assistance will be provided
  • 24/7 support will be provided
  • Learn How To become Microsoft Dot Net Developer

Who should take MS vb.net Training?

The main advantage of the Microsoft VB .Net program is people who are willing to excel in their career as a VB Developer or VB.Net Developer can opt for a VB.Net course with no other thought.

If you are a bachelor's degree holder in engineering or technology-related fields especially in computer science or any computer-related technical field, they have a lot of benefits of learning this VB.Net certification course which adds a career betterment in a shorter time in all aspects.

VB.Net course is a complete package module for the consultants with a greater substantial knowledge along with some hands-on training.

Course curriculum
    • Disadvantages of the existing system
    • Why .NET came into picture
    • .NET Framework Architecture
    • Various components used in .NET Framework
    • Understand Basics of the functionality of CLR
    • MSIL, CLS, CTS in brief
    • Various .NET languages
    • Versions of .NET Framework
    • Types of Operators
    • Conditional statements and loops in VB.NET
    • Working with Arrays
    • Data types in VB.NET
    • Boxing and Unboxing
    • How to make Sub Programs?
    • Understand OOPS Concepts
    • What is a Class?
    • Member Functions and Data Members
    • Understand Access Specifiers
    • Properties of a class
    • What is Method Overloading?
    • What are Constructors?
    • Understand Shared Modifiers
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Working with Interfaces?
    • Abstract classes
    • Understand Overloading and Overriding
    • Concept of Polymorphism
    • What are Sealed classes?
    • What is Exception?
    • How Try, Catch and Finally work in a program
    • User-defined exceptions
    • Debugging the Application
    • Introduction to Data Access Libraries
    • ADO .NET managed data providers
    • How to use System.Data.Oledb namespace?
    • Connected Architecture through DataAdapter and Dataset
    • Invoking the stored procedures
    • Using various GUI Controls
    • Concept of Multithreading
    • Understand Delegates and Events
    • What is Remoting Architecture?
    • Hands-on Remoting
    • Using Runtime Callable Wrapper(RCW)
    • Using COM Callable Wrapper(CCW)
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Microsoft vb dot net FAQ’s:
1.Do you provide VB .NET course completion certification?

Yes we do provide VB .Net certification after the completion of the course.

2.What is an average VB .NET developer salary?

The average VB .NET developer salary is $95k-$150k per annum.

3.For what VB .NET is used for?

VB. NET is a framework in which different languages are available for creating applications.

4.What kind of jobs does a .NET Developer do?

A VB .NET Developer does VB .NET Developer, C Support Developer and ASP .NET developer jobs.

5.Why should I learn .NET?

.NET is a huge ecosystem of multiple languages and platforms. Businesses are utilizing .NETs capabilities to develop tools and maintain integrity in spite of their users preferred platforms. .NET applications built on Android will be behaved same by the iOS and the same for MacOS or Linux. The .NET Framework is used by biggest organizations. .NET platforms are highly scalable and flexible.

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