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C Sharp .Net Online Training (Microsoft C# Dot Net)

This C# .Net training is carefully crafted to be in sync with the best practices and standards of the industry. Our C# .Net course is designed by leading experts working with top organizations and having 10 plus years of experience in the C# .Net domain. C sharp language and .Net framework are some of the most popular pairs for web application development. And also the job opportunities are high. This C# .net tutorial will make you proficient with all the critical tasks and techniques in C# programming and .Net software. Our C# .net certification course covers all the aspects of developing dynamic web applications and user interfaces.

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C Sharp .Net Training Overview

C Sharp .Net Training

C# .net framework is a great platform for creating rich applications. In this course, you will learn from C# basics to advance level. You will practice with C# latest version. Our experienced trainer will impart their knowledge as well as share tips and tricks used in real-time scenarios while working in the organization. And also c# .net uses.

You will be given real-time c#.net examples to practice upon. This C# .Net tutorial will be useful for c#.net for beginners. Learning C# .Net will give a boost to your career as it is one of the most popular frameworks in the web application development field. 

C Sharp. Net Training Key Features

  • Core concepts C# .Net
  • Learn  Differences between Microsoft VB Dot Net and C# .Net
  • Installation and configuration C# .net
  • Mock C#.net projects for practice
  • Important C# .net interview questions
  • Assist you in building a good c#.net resume
  • Flexible timings
  • One to One sessions

Who should take C# Dot Net Course?

The Online MS C# Dot Net course primarily suits programmers, web developers, and also individuals who want to shift to Dot Net domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in C# programming. Additionally C Sharp Certification Australia who want to C#.Net certification for career growth.



Course curriculum
    • .net framework
    • Overview of Dot net
    • What is CLR and CLS
    • What is Msil in .Net framework
    • What is an Assembly in .Net framework?
    • What are Namespaces >net?
    • Types of .net languages
    • What are .Dll’s and exe’s and also about their differences?
    • Getting started
    • Using variables and arrays
    • What is Methods parameters and how many types are there?
    • What is Decision structures and what are loop structures?
    • What are Handling errors and exceptions and their differences?
    • Understanding Classes, structures and enums in C#
    • What is C#Constructors method?
    • What is C# Destructors?
    • How do you declare Property in C#?
    • What is Inheritance in C# with examples
      • shadowing(new methods)
      • verriding
    • What is Method overloading in C#?
    • What is the purpose of This and Base keyword?
    • What are Sealed classes and how do you declare them?
    • What is Interfaces, abstract classes and what are the differences?
    • Working with delegates in C#?
    • Designing and implementing events in C#?
    • What are Generics and what is the use of them?
    • What are Sealed classes and partial classes and difference between them?
    • C#.net application architecture
    • Introduction of Solution, projects
    • Concepts of Compiling, debugging and running in ide
    • How do I get System.windows.forms?
    • How to use System.drawing in .NET?
    • What is Form class in GUI design?
    • How to use Winforms?
    • Understanding Visual inheritance in .Net?
    • What are control structures in Programming?
    • What are User controls in C#?
    • What is Readers-writers problem?
    • What are Streams in C#?
    • What is Hash table in C#?
    • What is an Arraylist and how do you create it?
    • What is Binary serialization in C#?
    • What are Formatters, and what is binaryformatter method?
    • What is Soap serialization?
    • What is Xml serialization in C#?
    • Introduction of ADO.NET
    • Architecture  of ADO.NET
    • How does System.data.dll work?
    • What is System.data.oledb?
    • What is System.data.sqlclient?
    • What is the role Data readers?
    • What is ADO Command object?
    • How to execute Procedure (pl/sql)?
    • What are Datatables?
    • What is Data relation?
    • What are Data views in Ado.net?
    • How to create and use Strong name assemblies?
    • What is .Net Gac (Global Assembly Cache) ?
    • What is Private and shared assemblies and the difference between it?
    • What is SFA in .Net and how do we use it?
    • What is Mfa and for what it is used?
    • Threading introduction
    • How to use System. Threading namespaces
    • Working with Thread members?
    • What are Thread states?
    • GUI Programming
    • Crystal reports with .net
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C Sharp .Net Training FAQ’s:
1.What is C#.net?

C# is a general-purpose programming language that is used to perform a wide range of tasks and objectives. .Net framework is used to build web applications, user interfaces, and websites.

2.How do I get a C#.net certification course?

We provide you with certification upon the completion of the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. And it will be a value add to your resume.

3.What if I miss the class?

We would provide you with the recording of the class and also the course material for your study.

4.About the trainer?

We have experienced trainers with 10 plus years with leading organizations.

5.What is the difference between C# .Net Vs ASP.net?

ASP.Net is a platform and framework where web pages can be created. It is an open-source framework.

C#. Net is a CLS compliment language that can be used to writing anything. .Net framework which includes asp, ado, web forms, and embedded systems.

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