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MCITP Course & Certification

FolksIT is providing MCITP Online Training in which you will learn Windows 2008, remote access, workgroup model, and many other things. Our trainers are industry experts and they will train you in such a way that you can easily handle the positions of IT Manager, Application Support Analyst, System Administrator, Systems Engineer, and many other jobs. There is a huge demand of Microsoft certified professionals and you can get a job easily after completing the certification.

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MCITP Online Course Overview

MCITP Certification

Microsoft MCITP course will be provided online to those candidates who want to become Microsoft certified professionals and get a job at the managerial or upper level. You will be able to use Microsoft technologies after pursuing the MCITP course.

MCITP consists of many Microsoft courses and you will have to give many exams. If you have opted for MCITP Enterprise Administrator, the MCITP certification cost of the exam is $920. The cost of an MCITP Server Administrator is $540. In order to become an MCITP professional, you will have to pass a minimum of two and maximum of five exams. The cost of each exam is $150.

Learn MCITP Key features

  • Introduction of Microsoft Certified IT Professional and what is MCITP
  • The MCITP course syllabus has been created by our expert trainers.
  • We will provide the best MCITP books.
  • MCITP video tutorials will be provided along with living training.
  • Clarify your doubts with our instructors and they are available 24/7.
  • Get a certificate from FolksIT after completing Microsoft MCITP certification.

Who should take MCITP Certification?

The MCITP certification training can be taken up by those candidates who want to become certified Microsoft professionals and want to make their career as a database administrator, system administrator, database developer, consumer support technician, and many more. People who already are doing these jobs can take up this course to boost their careers.

MCITP Training Online Important Facts

  • A person having MCITP certification can upgrade his certification to MCSE.
  • Microsoft exam can be done only at Prometric.
  • People have to pass two to five exams to become an MCITP professionals.
Course curriculum
    • Concepts of Networking and History of Server OS
    • Overview of Windows Server 2003 & 2008
    • Windows Server 2008 Features
    • Windows Server 2008 Installation
    • Windows Vista Installation
    • Introduction and Creation of Users accounts
    • Overview of Read-Only Domain Controller and its configuration
    • Global Catalog and SITES
    • Backup Strategies
    • Domain Controllers and replication between them
    • AD-DS (Active Directory – Domain Services) Partitions
    • Understand IP Addressing
    • Logical Topologies – Domain Models & Peer-Peer
    • Overview of Directory Services
    • Active Directory Services Evolution – LDAP Protocol
    • Active Directory and its Features
    • Steps involved in installing Active Directory – Domain Controller
    • Introduction and Configuration of DHCP Server
    • Steps involved in configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Client
    • What are DHCP Reservations?
    • BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol) Server
    • DHCP Backup
    • Configuring Member Servers and Clients
    • Creating Users in AD-DS
    • User Logon policies
    • Password policies
    • Account Lockout policies
    • User properties
    • Basics of Internet, Host & LM Host Files
    • DNS Naming Hierarchy
    • Types of lookup zones which are Forward and Reverse
    • Types of Zones – Stub, Secondary, , & Primary Zone
    • Integration with ADS, Resource Records, SRV Records
    • Steps involved in configuring Terminal Server
    • Terminal Server Licensing Mode
    • How to use Remote Desktop?
    • What is T.S Web access administration?
    • What are T.S Remote Apps?
    • Overview of T.S Gateway service
    • IIS 7.0 Configuration
    • Hosting Websites, Virtual Directories
    • Backup & Restoring Sites
    • FTP Server Configuration
    • Types of Profiles
    • Local, Roaming and Mandatory Profiles
    • Home Folder
    • Disk Quotas
    • File Systems
    • Folders & Files  Security and Sharing Permissions
    • Offline Folder
    • Configuring ADC
    • Tree Structure – Child Domain
    • FOREST Structure
    • Configuring ADC
    • Tree Structure – Child Domain
    • FOREST Structure
    • Routing Configuration – Static Routes
    • ICS, NAT, DHCP Relay Agent
    • Remote Access Server Configuration
    • Dial-in & Dial-out
    • PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol), VPN (Virtual Private Network), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol)
    • FSMO (Flexible Single Master Operations) Roles of AD – DS
    • Roles of AD – DS
    • Transferring of Roles
    • Seizing of Roles
    • Introduction & Configuration of WDS Server
    • Attended & Unattended Installation
    • Introduction to DFS (Distributed File System) & File server
    • Steps involved in the configuration of Folders and Namespace
    • Overview of Backup & Backup media
    • Backups, their types and strategies
    • Data recovery from any backup media
    • Introduction to printers
    • Types of printers & configuration
    • Basic & Dynamic Disks
    • Types of Volumes
    • RAID 0, 1, 5 Levels
    • Remote Hard disk Partitioning
    • Mounting Concepts
    • Introduction to Trust Relationship
    • Categories, Directions & Types of Trusts
    • Functional Levels
    • Authentication Protocols
    • Configuring Forest Trusts between 2008 Forests
    • Windows Server Core
    • Upgrading windows server 2003 to 2008
    • Groups, VSS (Volume Snapshot Service), Paging File
    • System state backup & restoration
    • Domain Renaming, Auditing policies
    • Overview of AD- FS (Active Directory Federations Services), LDS (Lightweight Directory Services), RMS (Rights Management service), CS
    • Organizational Unit, Delegation of Control
    • User & Computer Policies
    • Scope of Policies – OU (Organizational Unit), Domain, Sites
    • Group policy modeling (RSOP ((Resultant Set of Policy))
    • Software Deployment
    • Scripts, Folder Redirection
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MCITP Certification FAQ’s:
1.Why should people go for MCITP training from FolksIT?

FolksIT will provide hands-on training through expert instructors. Course material will also be provided and you will also get the facility of mock tests and mock interviews.

2.Will placement assistance be provided to us?

Yes! We will provide placement assistance.

3.What are the prerequisites of MCITP?

A candidate should have the knowledge of DHCP, IIS, and DNS network administration, routing, switching, etc.

4.What about Trainees?

Our Trainee have more than 15 years of experience in this field and they also have passed MCITP exam. So they can guide you and teach you the ways of passing MCITP exam.

5.Can I upgrade from MCITP to upper exam in future?

Yes! You can upgrade to MCSE and other exams after completing MCITP certification.

6.How Much Does a MCITP Certification Cost?

MCITP certification cost of the exam is $920. The cost of MCITP server Administrator is $540.

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