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Microsoft AX Dynamics Course Online

Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Training is a course which will teach you the process of making ERP applications and solutions. You will learn different concepts like Application Integration Framework, reporting, deployment, and many other things related to ERP. After pursuing the Microsoft Dynamics AX course, you will be established as a Dynamics AX Architect, Application Development Analyst, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Developer, and many more.

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Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Course

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX certifications will let you know about the technical and functional aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365. FolksIT will teach you the latest version of the software so that you can easily compete with other candidates during job interviews. We will provide Microsoft Dynamics AX tutorials. We will also let you know about Microsoft Dynamics Axapta ERP solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Certification Key features

  • Understand what is Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Get Idea from scratch of MS Dynamics
  • Learn different aspects about financials and operations
  • Get the knowledge of various functional modules like marketing, sales, service, project handling, etc.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX certification will help you earn a Microsoft certificate.
  • Have a bright future after completing Microsoft Dynamics AX training.
  • Get Microsoft Dynamics AX jobs with a high package.

Who should take Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX Training

The course can be taken up by freshers as well as experienced professionals. Freshers need to have some basic knowledge of programming. Understanding the concepts will become easy. People who already have knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics should take up the course to learn the latest version of the software.

Course curriculum
    • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – Introduction to Biz application
    • ERP and technologies used for it
    • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • AX versions and Ax 2012 new features
    • Architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Data components of Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • UI (User Interface) of Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • How to do Programming?
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX with other apps
    • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX Development
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX Features
    • Elements used in Microsoft Dynamics AX Development
    • Working of Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server
    • Introduction and usage of Application Object Tree
    • What is IntelliMorph?
    • Concept of MorphX
    • Concept of Inheritance
    • Meaning of X++
    • Essentials of Microsoft Dynamics AX Application
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX Layered Architecture
    • Models and Model management
    • Tools used for Customization
    • Understand Security
    • Inquiry and Reports
    • Conclusion
    • Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX Data Dictionary
    • MorphX and the Application Object Tree
    • Features of the AOT (Application Object Tree)
    • Objects available in the Data Dictionary
    • Working withTables
    • Working with Maps
    • Working with Views
    • Usage of Extended Data Types
    • Usage of Base Enums
    • Concept of Security (Duties, Roles, Policies)
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX Table Components and Structure
    • Procedure of Creating a Table in Microsoft Dynamics AX
    • Understand the concept of Relations
    • What are Data Types .Primitive and Extended?
    • Working with Indexes
    • Working with Projects
    • Working with Forms
    • Elements included in a Form
    • Concept of Form Designs
    • Forms and Their Data Sources
    • Forms and Their Methods
    • Menus Items in MorphX
    • Microsoft Dynamics AX Non-graphical Objects
    • Working with Macros
    • Creating and Managing Queries
    • SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) Reports ( AX + SSRS integration Brief description)
    • Working with Report Design
    • Program Development environment
    • Introduction to X++
    • New programming features in AX 2012.
    • Features of Object Oriented Programming features
    • How is OOPS concept used in AX?
    • Understand Development Tools
    • Best Practices of programming
    • What are Objects and Classes?
    • Introduction to objects
    • Usage of Methods
    • Variables and classes
    • X++ Control Statements
    • Accessing the Database
    • Searching for records
    • Data manipulation
    • Queries using X++ Language
    • Development Environment and Tools
    • Introduction
    • Development Environment Application
    • AOS (Application Object Server) Setup
    • Cross-References
    • Performance/Monitoring
    • Usage of Debugger
    • System Monitoring/ tracing
    • Creating a Query
    • Usage of While Select
    • What are Temporary Tables?
    • What are Abstract Classes?
    • Working with Delegates
    • Working with Variables
    • Collections and X++ Foundation Classes
    • X++ Access Modifiers and Code Visibility
    • Exceptions in X++
    • Database Interactions in X++
    • Types of Classes
    • Run Base Framework
    • Args-Object
    • Number sequences
    • What is Work flow?
    • EP (Enterprise Portal) (Ax web application)
    • Upgrade from Lower version
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Microsoft Dynamics AX FAQ’s:
1.What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

It is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning solution which will helps global enterprises to organize, automate, and optimize processes.

2.What are the objectives of Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Training?

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Online Training will let you know about workflow management. You will also learn about the management of SSRS reports. Another objective is to tell you about Run Base Framework and other concepts of Microsoft Dynamics.

3.What is the impact of the MS Dynamics AX course on my career?

Many organizations have started using Microsoft Dynamics AX Technical and Functional in order to run their business processes smoothly. You will get a good job and can make your career in this field.

4.What are the prerequisites of the course?

The course does not have any prerequisites. Freshers and experienced both can do the course. They can understand the concept easily if they have some programming knowledge.

5.What about instructors?

The instructors have much experience in this field and they are working on live projects. They will teach you everything mentioned in the syllabus.

6.Will mock test sessions be available?

Yes! We will conduct mock tests.

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