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Cisco UCS Online Training (Cisco Unified Computing System)

The Cisco UCS training has been comprehensively designed as per the latest trends in the industry by our leading industry-certified expert faculty having substantial experience in the Cisco UCS domain. Cisco Unified Computing system combines networking, computing, and storage infrastructure with management and visualization capabilities for speed, simplicity, and scalability. This UCS Cisco online training will help you master all the concepts of efficiently operating Cisco UCS. This course will help you with every critical information required for you to become a pro and solve the real-time problems that may arise in the organization. Our course is in line for you to take and clear Cisco UCS certification. Our Cisco UCS certification complies with market requirements and industry standards.

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Cisco UCS Certification Overview

Cisco UCS Training

Cisco Unified Computing System is an architecture data centre server platform composed of computing hardware, switching fabric, visualization support, etc. Cisco UCS redefines computing to enhance application performance, simplify infrastructure management, reduce costs, and accelerate IT delivery to the business. Our live instructor-led classes are designed to give you the best learning environment.

You will learn about data centre server management, the component of Cisco UCS, creating and managing profiles, and many more key concepts. Our Cisco UCS tutorial covers all the aspects from beginner’s level to advance level. By the end of this course will be proficient in Cisco UCS which will help you land high-paying Cisco UCS jobs.

H3: Cisco UCS Course Key Features

  • Cisco Unified Computing System UCS overview
  • The architecture of Cisco UCS 
  • Installation and Configuration of Cisco UCS
  • Cisco UCS manager responsibilities
  • Provide you with important Cisco UCS interview questions
  • Real-time base projects for practice
  • Guidance in building Cisco UCS resume
  • Get Cisco UCS certification
  • One to One sessions

Who should take this UCS CISCO Training Online?

This UCS course primarily benefits network administrators, network engineers, system engineers, technical solutions architects, and IT professionals who either want to upskill to the Cisco domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in the Cisco UCS domain can also opt. Professionals who want certification to advance their career.

Course curriculum
    • Why Cisco UCS
    • Architecture Cisco UCS
    • Physical connectivity of Cisco UCS – Live Demo in our Data Center
    • Describe the Cisco UCS chassis 5108
    • Describe the Fabric Interconnect 6100 / 6200
    • Describe the Cisco UCS 2204/2208XP IOM architecture including CMC, I/O MUX, and chassis management switch
    • Describe the Cisco UCS 2104XP IO module architecture including CMC, I/O MUX, and chassis management switch
    • Describe the features of the Cisco UCS VIC 1280 and VIC 1240
    • Compare the number of virtual interfaces available on the Cisco UCS M81KR VIC and the VIC 1280
    • Describe new mezzanine cards including M51, M61, and M72
    • Describe the Cisco Integrated Management Controller management component of the BSeries blades
    • Describe the creation of port channels from the Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnect to the 2204/2208XP IOM
    • Describe the chassis discovery process and monitor using the FSM
    • Configure the chassis discovery policy
    • Inessential Setup and Configuration of Fabric Interconnect with HA mode
    • Explaining Server Port
    • What is Uplink Port?
    • What is San Port?
    • What IS Appliance Port?
    • What is FCOE Port?
    • Creation of port channel
    • Provision server pools
    • Provision UUID pools
    • Provision MAC pools
    • Provision WWNN pools
    • Provision WWPN pools
    • Provision iSCSI initiator pools
    • VLAN Crestion
    • Describe the requirements of service profile templates
    • Describe the difference between initial templates and updating templates, including
    • What is operational caveats?
    • Provision a vNIC template using the template wizard
    • Provision a vHBA template using the template wizard
    • Provision a service profile template using the template wizard
    • Provision multiple servers from a service profile template
    • Clone a service profile
    • Map virtual media to the ESXi installer ISO image
    • Install ESXi on the local RAID array
    • Boot ESXi from the local RAID array
    • Configure a management IP address for the ESXi server
    • Connect to the ESXi server with the VMware vSphere Client utility and connect to the
    • VMware File System shared storage LUN on the Fibre Channel storage system
    • Differentiate between an import operation and a disaster recovery restore operation
    • Implement a backup job
    • Implement backup jobs to preserve abstracted identities
    • Verify that the backup is created and executed
    • Implement an import job to restore the AAA user database
    • Verify that the AAA user database is restored
    • Configure the Cisco UCS 6100/6200 Series Fabric Interconnect for disaster recovery restore
    • Describe where to find Cisco UCS firmware packages on Cisco.com
    • Update Cisco UCS firmware
    • Direct upgrade of mezzanine adapter, Cisco Integrated Management Controller, and IOM firmware
    • Describe software updates on the fabric interconnect
    • Describe the requirement for firmware updates via host firmware packages in the service
    • profile
    • Describe the differences between the firmware processes of Cisco UCS fabric interconnect
    • and IOM, Cisco Integrated Management Controller, and adapter
    • Describe how to update and activate the hardware capability catalog
    • Implement local users, roles, and privileges
    • Implement organizations and locales
    • Describe the effective rights of a user as an intersection of roles and locales mapped to a user
    • Implement LDAP providers and provider groups
    • Implement LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory) as an external authentication and
    • What is authorization service?
    • Implement Cisco UCS roles mapping to LDAP (Active Directory) attributes with LDAP provider maps
    • High availability connectivity of Fabric interconnects
    • Cisco UCS regarding high availability
    • How to configure high availability
    • How to manage high availability
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Cisco UCS Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Cisco UCS?

Cisco Unified Computing System is a data center server computer product line composed of computing hardware, virtualization support, switching fabric, and management software. It is an integrated computing infrastructure.

2.How do I get Cisco certification?

We would provide you with certification upon the completion of the course. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations.

3.What if I miss the online class?

If you miss any e-class of CISCO unified computing system training, you will get the recorded class or video tutorials.

4.Do you provide job assistance?

Yes, we do provide job assistance for Cisco Ucs manager and also help you prepare for the interview. Our courses are job-oriented.

5.Do you provide a demo?

Yes, you can attend the demo class, and if satisfied you can continue with us.

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