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CCNP Online Training

CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) Online Training is a Cisco career certification that defines an IT administrator’s capability to check and troubleshoot WAN and LAN networks. This program will lead the candidates to the path of career growth and also enhance their skills.

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Course Overview

CCNP Online Training certification helps the candidates to learn the skills that is needed to work with complex networks which contains planning, implementation, verification and troubleshooting of routed and switched networks. This training program teaches the candidates about the application of secure routing solutions to extend the organization’s services and make sure that the business remains feasible.

Key features –

This program will help the candidate to get a career growth job.

This program will give the candidate advanced knowledge about the computer networking field.

This CCNP Certification will verify the candidate for many distinct IT jobs such as network engineer, IT manager, network administrators and computer network architect.

The team professionals of this program are going to teach you how to create best resume.

In this program the team professionals will cover fundamental concepts of the course in detail so that the candidate can understand quickly.

The demand for this certification is high across the world.

This certification will increase self-confidence in candidate.

Who should take this course?

The candidates who are fresher, experienced or have basic knowledge of networking can participate in this program of certification and keen on to obtain career growth job.

Course curriculum
    • How to establish Neighbor adjacencies
    • What is Topology Table?
    • What is IP Routing Table
    • Optimizing EIGRP Convergence
    • Route Filtering techniques
    • Route Summarization
    • What is Authentication protocol
    • Planning
    • Verification
    • Configuration
    • Neighbors
    • Adjacencies Formation (on LAN & WAN)
    • How to use Link State Advisements (LSAs) protocols?
    • How to collect information in Link State Database?
    • Understanding Route Filtering and Summarization
    • What are the types of Areas
    • What is Special Area?
    • What is Authentication?
    • How to use Virtual Links
    • Redistribution into EIGRP
    • Redistribution into OSPF
    • Redistribution with Distribute Lists
    • Redistribution with Route Map
    • Policy Based Routing PBR
    • What is Internal BGP
    • Learn how to configure External BGP
    • How to establish BGP Neighbors
    • Verifying BGP Tables
    • Methods of IPv6 Addressing
    • Understanding IPV6 Routing
    • Configuring IPv6 Address
    • What are Tunnels?
    • What is Layer 2 Switch and how to use
    • How to use Layer 3 Switch
    • Tables used in Switching
    • Switch port Configuration
    • VLANs & VLAN Trunks & VTP
    • How to set up Ether Channel
    • What is STP and PVST+ protocols
    • Concepts of Advanced STP (RSTP & MST)
    • Methods of Inter VLAN Routing
    • Concepts of Multi-Layer Switching (MLS)
    • Hierarchical Network Design
    • Modular Network Design
    • Router Redundancy in Multilayer Switching
    • What is HSRP and how it works
    • What is VRRP and how it works
    • How to use GLBP?
    • Installing IP Telephony
    • Wireless LAN concepts
    • How to enable Port Security?
    • What is Port-based Authentication?
    • Mitigating Spoofing Attacks
    • Best practices for Securing Switches
    • Securing Switched Networks
    • Introduction to Network Maintenance
    • Introduction to Troubleshooting Process
    • Maintenance & Troubleshooting
    • Basic & Adv. Cisco Catalyst Switch Troubleshooting
    • Introduction to Troubleshooting Routing Protocols
    • Security Troubleshooting
    • IP Services Troubleshooting
    • IP Communications Troubleshooting
    • IPv6 Troubleshooting
    • Advanced Services Troubleshooting
    • Large Enterprise Network Troubleshooting
Market Overview
CCNP Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is CCNP Data center?

CCNP Data center certification enables the candidate to take professional job roles in Cisco Data Center technologies.

2.What is CCNP Enterprise?

CCNP Enterprise certification enables the candidates to prove their skills in enterprise network technologies. This certification covers core technologies with an enterprise focus area of candidate’s choice.

3.What is the cost of CCNP Certification Exam?

The cost of CCNP Certification Exam is $900-$1200.

4.What is the average salary of CCNP job?

The average salary of CCNP job is $107,293 per year.

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