UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training

Folks IT’s UNIX shell scripting online training is developed by industry experts to help learners gain expertise. Our trainers will provide knowledge on shell scripting besides training you with basic UNIX commands. This allows learners to work on real-life cases that are aligned with the curriculum.

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Program Overview

In UNIX shell scripting online training you will be introduced to basic UNIX commands and shell scripting techniques. You write scripts for various scenarios through which you gain knowledge and expertise. Shell scripts execute faster, have a greater chance to automate, and thereby easy to learn. Any manual task can be automated using shell scripts.

  • Gain on job kind of learning experience
  • Access to real case scenario projects
  • End to end course content similar to classroom training
  • Live practical demonstrations
  • Engaging lectures by industry experts
  • Complete guidance with certification
Who should take this course?

This course is for individuals who encompass to learn basic to advanced concepts of UNIX shell scripting course. Beginners, Developers, Testers, Subject matter experts, analysts, and whoever wants to build their career around UNIX can opt for this UNIX shell scripting training. Individuals associated with the field of business intelligence can also take this course. Additionally, candidates willing to work in varied fields of technology like Big Data Hadoop, Development, Testing, UNIX SQL production support and many more may also opt for this course.

UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training Course circullum
    • Shell Script Strengths and Weaknesses Shells
    • Example Shell Script
    • Shell and Environment Variables
    • Key Environment Variables
    • General Quoting Rules
    • Nesting Commands
    • Help from Commands and Documentation
    • Getting Help with man & info
    • Positional Parameters
    • printf
    • Input & Output
    • alias
    • Functions
    • Colors in Scripts
    • Custom Bash Prompts
    • Communication Channels
    • File Redirection
    • Piping Commands Together
    • Doing Math
    • Filesystem Structures
    • Determining Disk Usage With df and du cron
    • The crontab Command
    • crontab Format
    • /etc/cron.*/ Directories
    • Sending Email with mail
    • Searching Inside Files
    • Regular Expression Overview
    • Regular Expressions
    • RE Character Classes
    • RE Quantifiers
    • RE Parenthesis
    • The Streaming Editor
    • Exit Status
    • Comparisons with test
    • Conditional Statements
    • Flow Control: case
    • Flow Control: while and until Loops
    • The for Loop
    • Flow Control: select
    • Text Processing with awk
    • Text Sorting
    • Duplicate Removal Utility
    • Extracting Columns of Text
    • Maximum Command Length
    • Whitespace in for Loops
    • Reading Files with while
    • $IFS
    • Printing in .bashrc
    • Aliases
    •  SED Introduction
    • Difference between “” and ‘’, s for substitution
    • SED Delimiters
    • Using & as the matched string
    • SED Multiple instructions
    • Multiple instructions through script, Printing, Deleting in SED, cut, tr commands
    • Lab Exercises.
    • AWK Introduction
    • AWK Basic syntax & Examples
    • AWK Inbuilt variables (FS, OFS, NR, RS, FILENAME), BEGIN, PRINT, END blocks in AWK
    • Inbuilt AWK functions (length, Index, sub, substr, tolower, toupper, split), IF Condition, Loops (While, DO … WHILE, FOR), Break - Continue - Exit, Arrays
    • Lab Exercises.
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UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training FAQ’s:

Our UNIX shell scripting course makes you an expert in UNIX architecture and will add great value to your resume. This course covers industry based cases and assignments, to reduce the complexity involved. Further our Industry renowned training staff makes learning easy and ensures that you master this UNIX shell scripting course.

Anyone who has basic knowledge on operating computers can register for this training. This course is covers all aspects of shell scripting and knowledge on basic UNIX commands is provided for people with no prior experience with UNIX

Fairly important, certification plays major role in hiring. Having vast amount of knowledgewithout a certification is like applying to a job without proper qualification. Certifications show that you have knowledge in relevant field; also you are willing to put time and effort. We at Folks IT strive to prevent you the best knowledge to clear your certification.

UNIX shell scripting online training is as good as in person or classroom training, In-fact its better.

The Advantages Of Online Training Are:

  1. Time saving – It’s less hassle and saves a lot of travelling time.
  2. Flexibility – It’s flexible and can be tuned as per your requirement.
  3. Cost Effective - online classes’ costs considerably less due to saving of time & money spent in travel, set-up costs, and so on.
  4. Sharing of assets - it’s easy for the tutor to share assignments, course related notes and address doubts.
  5. Visibility & understanding – Tutors screen is better visible, accessible and also voice of the tutor will be much clear.

UNIX Shell scripting developer assists in the delivery of data platforms,besides testing and automation. They are responsible for integration work and script migration across diverse teams.

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