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UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training

UNIX shell scripting course is developed by industry experts to help learners to gain knowledge. Our trainers will give awareness on shell scripting and basic UNIX commands. Unix Shell Scripting online training makes you a professional expert in architecture and automation with Shell Script. By the end of the course, individuals can be awarded with the Unix shell scripting certification.

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UNIX Shell Scripting Course Overview  

UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training

In UNIX shell scripting training you will be introduced to basic UNIX commands and shell scripting techniques. You write scripts for various scenarios through which you gain knowledge and expertise. Shell scripts execute faster, have a greater chance to automate, and thereby easy to learn. Any manual task can be automated using shell scripts. learn Linux from top-rated experts.

UNIX Shell Scripting Certfication Key features

  • End to end course content similar to classroom training
  • Best way to learn Unix shell scripting
  • Earn advanced program in the Unix
  • Learn Shell Scripting Online with examples
  • Learn Shell Programming Online Courses
  • We will provide Unix Classes Online
  • Live practical demonstrations
  • Engaging lectures by industry expert
  • Complete guidance with certification

Who should take UNIX Shell Scripting Training ?

This Unix course is for individuals who encompass to learn basic to advanced concepts of the UNIX shell scripting course. Beginners, Developers, Testers, Subject matter experts, analysts, and whoever wants to build their career around UNIX can opt for this UNIX shell scripting training. Individuals associated with the field of business intelligence can also take Unix Shell Scripting Course Contents. Additionally, candidates willing to work in varied fields of technology like Big Data Hadoop, Development, Testing, UNIX SQL production support and many more may also opt for this course.

Course curriculum
    • Understand UNIX Operating System
    • What is UNIX evolution?
    • UNIX and Linux influencers
    • flavors of UNIX
    • Why UNIX?
    • UNIX and Linux features
    • Understand Shell hierarchy
    • Types of Shells
    • Know about Shell
    • What is Login Shell?
    • Why Use Shell Script?
    • Variables and strings
    • Usage of Math in Shell
    • Understand Shell commands
    • How to Setup Environment?
    • Understand Environment variables
    • The history command options
    • Shortcuts : Defining alias
    • What is Utility scripting?
    • How to perform Scoping with export?
    • Understand Program structure
    • What are Shell variables?
    • Understand Quotes – Strings
    • How to get Shell Output?
    • How to Print formatted data?
    • Working with Continuing Lines
    • What is Exit Status?
    • Understand Logic using test
    • Concept of Expressions
    • Shell script if control
    • Switching with case
    • while: Looping
    • for: Looping with a List
    • break and continue in loops
    • trap: Interrupting a program
    • Debugging Shell Scripts
    • Exercise
    • What is a function?
    • Shell and sub-shell
    • Array in shell
    • Working with File system
    • What’s in a (File) name?
    • The Parent-Child Relationship
    • The HOME Variable: The Home Directory
    • Understand Current Directory
    • cd: Changing the Current Directory
    • mkdir: Making Directories
    • rmdir: Removing Directories
    • Absolute Pathnames
    • Relative Pathnames
    • ls: Listing Directory Contents
    • Understand The cat options
    • How to Compare files?
    • How to Compress files?
    • Security system in UNIX File System
    • Types of File permissions
    • Ownership and permissions
    • Common permission with umask
    • Groups and users
    • How to Switch user
    • Symlink, hard links
    • Regular Expression Overview
    • About RE Character Classes
    • About RE Quantifiers
    • About RE Parenthesis
    • About RE Examples with grep
    • Using Re in awk
    • Using RE in sed
    • Understand Disk size df
    • Performing Diskspace utilization du
    • Knowing RAM space with top
    • Swap space free
    • What is CPU uptime?
    • Using telnet and ftp
    • Communication check : finger
    • Remote files : scp, rcp, rsync
    • Download from command wget
    • Upload from command curl
    • Concept of Email alerts
    • Working with Remote script : ssh
    • What is password less connectivity?
    • Introduction and command line syntax
    • The awk program structure
    • What are operators?
    • Understanding Simple patterns
    • Understanding Extended patterns
    • Understanding Special patterns (BEGIN and END)
    • Program variables: Built-in variables, User defined variables, Arrays
    • Working with mathematical operators
    • Displaying output with print and printf
    • What are Program control structures?
    • The if construct
    • The while and do … while constructs
    • The basic for construct
    • Associative array handling
    • Functions: The getline function, Mathematical and string functions, The system function, User defined functions
    • Responding to Syntax errors
    • Responding to Logical errors
    • Exercises: Using tools within a shell script
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UNIX Shell Scripting Online Training FAQ’s:
1.How difficult is UNIX shell scripting training

Our UNIX shell scripting course makes you an expert in UNIX architecture and will add great value to your resume. This course covers industry based cases and assignments, to reduce the complexity involved. Further our Industry renowned training staff makes learning easy and ensures that you master this UNIX shell scripting course.

2.What are the prerequisites for UNIX shell scripting training?

Anyone who has basic knowledge on operating computers can register for this training. This course is covers all aspects of shell scripting and knowledge on basic UNIX commands is provided for people with no prior experience with UNIX

3.How important is UNIX shell scripting certifications?

Fairly important, certification plays major role in hiring. Having vast amount of knowledgewithout a certification is like applying to a job without proper qualification. Certifications show that you have knowledge in relevant field; also you are willing to put time and effort. We at Folks IT strive to prevent you the best knowledge to clear your certification.

4.Is UNIX shell scripting online training as good as in person training?

UNIX shell scripting online training is as good as in person or classroom training, In-fact its better.

The Advantages Of Online Training Are:

  1. Time saving – It’s less hassle and saves a lot of travelling time.
  2. Flexibility – It’s flexible and can be tuned as per your requirement.
  3. Cost Effective - online classes’ costs considerably less due to saving of time & money spent in travel, set-up costs, and so on.
  4. Sharing of assets - it’s easy for the tutor to share assignments, course related notes and address doubts.
  5. Visibility & understanding – Tutors screen is better visible, accessible and also voice of the tutor will be much clear.

5.What are the roles of UNIX shell scripting developer?

UNIX Shell scripting developer assists in the delivery of data platforms,besides testing and automation. They are responsible for integration work and script migration across diverse teams.

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