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Puppet Online Course

You can do Puppet Training Online from Folksit where you will be introduced with IT technology. It will help you in the management of various operating systems like Windows, UNIX, or LINUX. You will learn the administration of server whether single or multiple. After completing the Puppet certification, you can get various jobs like Puppet Trainer, DevOps Architect, Senior DevOps Architect, and many more. The course for Puppet for beginners is also available. Your skills will be taken above from the current level. So join the course and get a high salary job

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Puppet Online Training Overview

Puppet Online Course

You can pursue online Puppet training and learn about the automation of IT infrastructure. Learn many things regarding the technology like Powerful infrastructure automation and delivery language fundamentals, installation, and advanced topics also.puppet is the standard IT automation. If server issues became an problemetic and multiple servers are down puppet can help you. Who should completed their studies can also take this online training and certification and you  gain an in-depth understanding of using to create solutions that scale.

Puppet Course Key Features

  • Get complete knowledge from scratch to programming
  • Learn how to install Puppet on Linux/ Windows
  • 24/7 support from expert instructors
  • Work on realtime Puppet projects
  • Availability of Puppet labs training
  • Enhance your resume by considering Experts suggestions
  • Get the knowledge of Puppet latest version
  • Get real time Open Source Projects
  • Get job assistance

Who can get Puppet Certification?

You can pursue online puppet training and learn about the automation of IT infrastructure. Puppet e-Learning should be taken up by LINUX administrators so that they can create easy solutions for their clients. Beginners can also learn puppets online provided that they have some knowledge about Linux Command Line Operations, Installing and configuring applications, and DevOps Basics. Start your Puppet journey with FolksIT from beginners to advanced and you will learn to deliver applications and infrastructure

  • Who wants to Automate Configuration instead of manually Configuring Servers.
  • If you want to make Proficient in Puppet
  • You should have knowledge about the Course Concepts and Terminologies
  • You should have knowledge of Installation and Performance Optimization
  • This Course will help LINUX System Administrators
  • You Should have basic knowledge about DevOps you will learn easy
Course curriculum
    • What is Puppet
    • Why Puppet
    • Puppet Architecture
    • Master and Agents
    • Modules and Classes
    • Functions and Nodes
    • Resource Abstraction Layer
    • Transactional Layer
    • Deployments with Puppet
    • Reporting
    • Installing Puppet
    • Configuring Puppet
    • Connecting Agents
    • Agent Configuration
    • Creating Modules
    • Configuring Nodes
    • Versioning Modules
    • Creating Modules for MySQL, Apache, Postfix, SSH
    • Configuring Environments
    • Testing with Puppet Agent
    • Merging and Branching
    • Staging vs. Production
    • External Node Classification
    • Storing Node Configuration in LDAP
    • Virtual Resources
    • Exported and Stored Configurations
    • Using and Expiring Exported Resources
    • Puppet Dashboard
    • Puppet Foreman
    • Puppet Module Tool
    • Puppet Forge Tool
    • Puppet Ruby DSL Overview
    • Cucumber Puppet Overview
    • Overview
    • Configuration
    • Report Processors
    • Customization
    • Extending Puppet with Custom Facts
    • Custom Types, Functions, and Providers
    • Marionette Collective (MCollective) and Plugins
    • Working with Puppet
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Puppet Online Course FAQ’s:
1.What is puppet?

If puppet technology is new to you then let us know what is puppet. Puppet is an open-source configuration management tool that can be used to automate servers available over the entire network. This technology is the earliest DevOps tool that is used to configure the servers.

2.Are puppet interview questions available?

Yes! Puppet interview questions are available and you will also go through mock interviews for becoming successful in the real interview.

3.Will there be any effect on puppet resume?

Yes! The course will have effect on puppet resume. It will help you in getting good jobs with high salary.

4.What will be the level of the course?

The level of the puppet online course will start from puppet basics and will go up to advanced level. You will also know about the puppet architecture during the course. All these things are suitable for a high salary job.

5.Will we also get puppet projects?

Yes! You will also be given one or two puppet projects during the course.

6.Shall I know about puppet labs training?

The puppet labs training will also be available where you can do practical to learn more about the technology.

7.What is Puppet Software?

Puppet automates the delivery and operation of the software that powers some of the biggest brands in the world.

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