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RedHat Linux Online Training

RedHat Course from FolksIT is a course in which you will easily learn about RedHat Linux. Our instructors will teach you the latest version of the operating system and you can get the jobs of developer, engineer, and many others. Red Hat has developed Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) which is an enterprise Linux operating system for the business market. Red Hat Enterprise Linux previously called as Red Hat Linux Advanced Server that is certified with thousands of vendors and across hundreds of clouds. It offers a consistent and reliable foundation for users. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is equipped with all the essential tools for the fast delivery of application services and workloads. It is based on a free open-source model like all Linux distributors.

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What is RedHat?

RedHat Training

The Red Hat certification program is designed for system administrators, engineers, architects, business developers and application, cloud and virtualization administrators who use RHEL in their IT infrastructure. The certification program is designed to ensure that candidates master RHEL by allowing them to pass a performance-based certification exam.

While many certification exams require you to choose from multiple-choice questions or answer questions related to specific technologies, Red Hat requires you to perform actual tasks using Red Hat technologies to pass the exam.

RedHat Certification Key features

  • Understand the concepts of RedHat and Linux individually
  • Get a certificate after completing RHEL certification.
  • Get the job of red hat certified engineer through this course.
  • The instructors will be available 24/7.
  • The instructors have experience of more than ten years in this field.
  • Get RedHat interview questions after the course.
  • Answers to each RedHat Linux interview question is available.

Who should take RedHat Linux Online Course?

When you will get Red Hat Certification, you will be proficient in all the concepts of Red Hat and work in a top company with exciting packages. If you want to do this online course then there are several Red Hat courses that are beneficial for your career growth.

The people who can take up the Red Hat Linux training are listed below

  • IT professionals
  • System administrators
  • Freshers

RedHat Course Important Facts

  • Ten years of product life cycle
  • Upgrade can be done anytime.
  • No system reboot is required during the update.
Course curriculum
    • Installation in Standalone Machine
    • Installation through NFS
    • Installation through FTP
    • Installation through HTTP
    • Installation through KICKSTART
    • Creation of File Systems
    • Understanding EXT2, EXT3& EXT4  File Systems
    • Converting Ext2 to Ext3 file systems
    • How to revert back to Ext2 from Ext3 files systems
    • Understanding fdisk,e2label, mount, umount commands
    • Understanding fstab and mtab files
    • Troubleshooting file system management
    • Groups types and creation of groups
    • Creation of users in different groups
    • Understanding Passwd, Shadow Files
    •  Understanding passwd aging
    • How to create of quotas for file systems, groups and users?
    • Concept of users security files
    • Types of commands for Monitoring the users
    • How to troubleshoot user management?
    • Understanding the different types of run-levels
    • Understanding different types of shutdown commands
    • Understanding run control scripts
    • Understanding the different types
    • Concept of NFS server and NFS clients
    • Concept of daemons and files in NFS
    • How to configure NFS server and different NFS clients?
    • Configuration of autofs, NFS security
    • Advantages and Features of FTP server
    • Configuring FTP server and FTP clients
    • Configuration of FTP server for real users and anonymous with upload and download permissions
    • Configuring FTP user access, FTP security
    • Understanding FTP Basic  Commands
    • Configuring of anonymous FTP Server
    • Concept of non xinetd based and xinetd based services
    • Configuring xinetd based services
    • Understand Xinetd security
    • Understanding TCP WRAPPER
    • Configuring TCP WRAPPER for services
    • Different types of DNS servers and DNS service
    • Configuring DNS (master) DNS (Slave)
    • Configuration of cache (DNS) and forward (DNS)of boot phases
    • Different types of files during system is booting
    • Troubleshooting domain name service
    • File systems creation and conversion into LVM
    • Creation of physical partitions
    • Creation of volume groups
    • Creation of logical partitions
    • Extending the volume group
    • Extending the logical partitions
    • Advantages and features of RPM (Red-hat Package Manager)
    • Installation of RPM packages
    • Upgrading of RPM
    • Verification of RPM
    • Querying and Troubleshooting
    • Backup of different types of file system
    • Backup of different types of files
    • Dump levels of different types
    • Concept of monthly, weekly, daily backups
    • Backup strategies of different types
    • At Jobs
    • Cron Jobs
    • Understanding NIS (Network Information Service) and daemons at NIS (Clients, Slave and Server)
    • NIS (master) configuration in heterogeneous environments
    • NIS (slave) configuration in heterogeneous environments
    • NIS clients configuration in heterogeneous environments
    • of NIS (master and slave) integration with NFS Server
    • Understanding DHCP
    • How to configure DHCP server for different DHCP clients?
    • Understanding APACHE
    • How to configure APACHE web server with virtual hosting?
    • APACHE web server configuration with HOST BASED, IP BASED, and PORT BASED
    • APACHE web server member logins configuration
    • Advantages and features of SAMBA server
    • Configuring SAMBA for heterogeneous environment
    • How to share resources between unix to unix through SAMBA?
    • How to share resources between windows to unix (vice-versa)?
    • Understand SAMBA security
    • Understanding SQUID proxy
    • Configuring SQUID proxy with ACL (Linux Access Control Lists)
    • Understanding RAID LEVELS
    • Configuration of RAID LEVELS (0,1and 5)
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RedHat Training FAQ’s:
1.Why should I get certified and not just take Red Hat Linux training?

Organizations with employees, contractors and consultants can rely on Red Hat certifications for recruitment, appointments, promotions and other management decisions. Those who obtain these certifications also receive formal, unbiased and verified validation of their skills and knowledge.

2.How to register for RedHat Online Training?

Answer: Once you have purchased an exam, you will have access to an exam schedule that allows you to schedule your exam at a testing center or remotely. You can also change your remote exam to an exam at the center.

3.What is the qualification of the instructors?

The instructors have more than ten years of experience and they will be baleto resolve your problems easily.

4.Will demo classes be available?

Yes! Demo classes will be available?

5.What about mock tests and mock interviews?

Mock tests and mock interview sessions will be available for your practice.

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