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PEGA Online Training Introduction

The PEGA training online will enhance your application development skills and knowledge of the PEGA platform. The PEGA course is structured by experienced IT professionals and covers PEGA certification topics. Our definitive PEGA online course, led by experienced industry experts, will give you a thorough understanding of the basics of advanced PEGA topics at the highest level, right from the start. This is the best PEGA certification that helps you get detailed information. By the end of this online PEGA training, you will master the PEGA software and will be able to handle all the responsibilities of a developer.

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Pega Developer Course Overview

Pega Training

FolksIT has specifically designed this PEGA training course to give you a thorough understanding of the basics of PEGA from the start. You will learn the Business process management, the process of designing and configuring PEGA applications. Also, understand the basic skills needed to analyze, plan, and design business requirements and specifications in a PEGA application.

The PEGA online certification course will enhance your skills and knowledge of PEGA tools. The course is designed by experienced IT professionals to cover PEGA certification topics. Our definitive training from experienced PEGA professionals will give you a thorough understanding of key topics as mentioned in the PEGA course curriculum at a very advanced level.

In addition to exceptional PMO knowledge, our expert trainers will also provide you with advanced study support for PEGA CSA certification. In the PEGA online course, you will work with a variety of tools and projects. In addition, you will gain practical knowledge and understanding of almost everything through theoretical and practical classes.

The most crucial thing that you have to know is what is PEGA and how this tool works. After understanding this basic topic, further topics will be taught. One of the major PEGA jobs that you can get is PEGA developer. PEGA interview questions will also be provided in the course.

 Pega Certification Course Key features

  • Basic understanding of the core concepts from fundamentals.
  • Learn PEGA through our qualified instructors.
  • PEGA tutorial will be provided during the course.
  • PEGA interview questions and answers pdf will be provided to prepare you for the real interview.
  • Get different types of PEGA developer jobs after pursuing the course.
  • Instructors will be available 24/7.
  • PEGA certifications will lead you to different types of jobs besides PEGA developer.

Who should learn Pega Certification course?

PEGA Course can be done by those people who want to make a career as a PEGA Developer. These people include freshers whose aim is to start a good career. Besides this, IT programmers, managers, business analysts can also do the course.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to BPM (Business Process Management)
    • Introduction to PRPC (PegaRULES Process Commander)
    • Smart BPM
    • Build for change
    • Application Documents
    • What is DCO (Directly Capture Objectives)?
    • Application Express
    • PRPC frameworks
    • Class structure in PRPC
    • ECS (Enterprise Class Structure)
    • Concept of Inheritance
    • Concept of Class groups
    • Define PRPC classes
    • Define Data branch
    • Property Modes and Types– Single and page properties
    • Different flow shapes and their purpose
    • Usage of Process Flow
    • Creation of Process Flow
    • What are Flow Actions?
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement) – Creation, Usage
    • Properties display and validation
    • Understand the making of Layouts
    • Understand the usage of Harness
    • Sections in User Interface
    • Style Branding
    • Decision Rules
    • Creation of different decision rules, usage inflows and activities.
    • Forward chaining
    • Concept of RDE (Rule Declare Expression)
    • Declare constraints
    • Declare triggers
    • Define OnChange
    • Define Workflow in case management
    • What is units of work
    • What is work status?
    • Understand the concept of Locking
    • What is Design correspondence?
    • What is Send correspondence?
    • Role of PegaRules DB
    • A link between rules and DB
    • Basic tables
    • Exposing column properties
    • Definition of Activities
    • Configuration of Activities
    • Steps of using Activities
    • Parameters used in Activities
    • Security of Activities
    • Common methods
    • Concept of SOA (service-oriented architecture)
    • Concept of  HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol
    • Concept of SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
    • Concept of WSDL (Web Service Definition/Description Language)
    • Connectors & Services
    • Concept of Listeners
    • How to Connect SQL?
    • What is a Rule?
    • What is a Ruleset?
    • Ruleset version
    • Rule resolution algorithm
    • Define Operator ID
    • Define Access group
    • Define Access role
    • Define Privilege
    • Concept of Clipboard
    • Concept of Alerts
    • Concept of Pre-flight
    • Concept of PAL (Performance Analyzer)
    • Define DB trace
    • Understand the concept of Tracer
    • Understand the concept of SMA (System Management Application)
    • About 10 guardrails
    • About Iterative approach
    • About Class structure
    • Build for change
    • Design intent driven process
    • Security and object
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Pega Training FAQ’s:
1.What does this course cover?

PEGA Online Training will give you a solid understanding of PEGA PRPC and provide you with in-depth hands-on experience with PEGA to help you implement PEGA BPM solutions and web applications in the real world.We will provide pega tutorial, and interview questions for your reference.

2.What are different objectives of PEGA online training?

The primary objective of our PEGA online course is to provide advanced insight into the communication and identification of automation capabilities and the metrics that support them. Enterprise architects can then provide companies with the valuable feedback needed to prioritize, enable, and support implementation opportunities.

3.Why take PEGA certification training?

The certification training allows you to learn a useful business management tool for your future career, as it is becoming very popular in today's market.

4.How will PEGA certification training help you in your career?

PEGA certification training will help you to get a job easily in your career as there is a high demand today and business companies are growing, PEGA software is used for this purpose.

5.Will I get the facility of demo classes?

Yes! We will provide the facility of demo classes.

6.What is the average salary of a pega developer?

Average Pega Developer salary is $87,750/yr.

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