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IBM WebFocus Training Introduction

Information Builders has developed WebFocus tool which is an information tool and can be used in BI. The basic concepts of this tool include WebFocus query and reporting engine. The engine has the ability to get in touch with various databases and file systems. WebFocus is a business intelligence platform and is useful for different people like analysts, managers, partners, employees, consumers, etc. You will get the job of WebFocus developer and many other WebFocus jobs after pursuing the course.

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What is WebFocus?

Webfocus Training

Webfocus training will start with telling you what is Webfocus and then we will gradually move towards the different topics as mentioned in the syllabus. The Webfocus course curriculum has been prepared by our expert trainers and it includes all the concepts that are sufficient to handle the position of WebFocus Developer. Webfocus tutorials are provided as course materials which will also help you to get through the concepts thoroughly.

WebFocus Developer Training Key Features

  • Understand the basic concepts including definition.
  • Don't miss the online classes that train you on Webfocus architecture.
  • Get Webfocus tutorial for self-learning.
  • Webfocus developer's jobs are easily available.
  • Our industry professionals support you and clarify doubts all time.
  • Webfocus architecture will be taught during the course.
  • Webfocus interview questions will be provided to you.
  • Learn IBM Webfocus for getting a good job.

Who should join WebFocus Certification program?

The WebFocus course can be taken up by beginners who want to make a career in business intelligence or testing web applications. Experienced professionals can also do the course to boost their careers.

Course curriculum
    • Understand the syntax of the FOCUS language
    • Comprehend WebFOCUS processing of requests
    • Create detailed and summary reports
    • Control the order of data
    • Format reports
    • Data selection before and after summing
    • Change the way data is displayed
    • New value calculation on the basis of detail and summed values
    • Display group totals and grand totals
    • Use one report to put data from multiple files
    • Save data in Excel and PDF formats
    • Add flexibility to your report request
    • Relational databases reporting techniques
    • Use summary value for displaying detailed information
    • Use temporary fields to join data sources
    • File merging without Join command
    • Control the order of data displayed
    • Use Date and Date-Time data types effectively
    • Work efficiently with presorted data
    • Create calculations using subtotal values
    • Create a random list
    • Rank and group data
    • Generate summary information
    • Sort aggregated data
    • Use complex screening techniques
    • Create multi-column reports
    • Row-oriented report creation
    • Work with missing data
    • WebFOCUS Developer Studio Components
    • Use the Report Painter tool to create reports
    • Structure addition to the reports with the help of sorting and display techniques
    • Report headers, footers, and column headings formatting
    • Employ efficient data selection techniques
    • Create sophisticated virtual columns
    • Join multiple tables as needed
    • Use static or parameterized selection criteria  to limit report contents
    • Highlight data with conditional styling
    • Establish drill-downs between summary and detail reports
    • Display report output in Excel or PDF format
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Webfocus Training FAQ’s:
1.What will be included in the demo classes?

Demo classes will include random things about the course. This will let you know about the quality of education that we will provide. You can choose to take up the course after attending these classes.

2.Why mock interview sessions are arranged?

Mock interview sessions will create an environment that you are giving the real interview. These sessions will help you to know about the types of questions that will be ascidian the real Webfocus interview.

3.Will you also provide mock test sessions?

Yes! We will also arrange mock test sessions

4.What will happen if some of the classes are missed?

Webfocus training Videos of the lectures for the missed classes will be provided so that you can grasp the concepts easily.

5.Which tools are used for providing the training?

We will use Google Meet or Zoom to provide the training.

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