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Online SAS Base Course

The SAS base online training is designed and conceived with a holistic approach to give learners functional knowledge by leading industry expert faculty. SAS base software performs powerful statistical analysis on data that can be retrieved from multiple sources. SAS base is an open cross-platform architecture. It includes comprehensive programmi ng for data analysis, reporting, and managing SAS files. This SAS base online course will help you master the programming techniques to create SAS datasets, and manipulate data values. This training program will make you efficient in handling all the real-time issues that may arise in the organization. Our training program will help you take and clear the SAS Base certification examination. By the end of this course, you will become a pro in SAS programming.

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SAS Base Training

SAS Base Certification

SAS is a popular business analytics software. It is a one-stop solution for big data analysis. It compiles and organizes raw data into tables, and then analyzes data and reports in the form of statistics and graphs. FolksIT real-time Industry professionals always proactive in solving your queries at any given time and provide you with the best information followed in the industry.

Our live instructor-led classes are designed to give you the best learning environment with classes being much more interactive, interesting, and engaging. You will learn about SAS libraries and tools, create graphs, and many more key concepts. This SAS Base online course will make you an efficient SAS base programmer and help you land the in-demand SAS base programmer jobs.

Online Base Training SAS Key Features

  • Installation and Configuration of SAS base software
  • The architecture of SAS Base
  • Core concepts of business analytics
  • Get SAS base certification practice questions
  • Provide you with important SAS Base interview questions
  • Real-time based projects for practice
  • Guidance in building a good SAS Base resume
  • One to One sessions

Who should take SAS Base Certification?

This course primarily benefits data scientists, data analysts, programmers, and IT professionals who want to upskill or shift to the SAS domain. Individuals or fresher’s who want to pursue a career in the SAS domain. Professionals who want SAS Base certification to advance their careers can also opt.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction  to SAS                                                                                    
    • Introduction to SAS windows                                                                                     
    • Introduction to SAS Libraries                                                                        
    • Understanding SAS program objectives                                                                        
    • What are System defined options(global options)                                                    
    • What are Data step options?                                                                                  
    • What are Global statements?                                                                                 
    • What are Datastep statements and how to use them?
    • Explain Keep, drop, label, rename, where, length etc…                                    
    • What are Informant and format statements and how to use them?                                                      
    • What are Combining, modifying and updating datasets?                                         
    • What are DATA Step Processing?
    • What is Retain statement?              
    • What are Control statements?                                                                                                                     
    • What are Input styles?                                                                                                                                              
    • What is Infile statement?
    • What is File statement?
    • What is Automatic Variables?
    • What are Arrays and uses of it?
    • Explain Pointers and its uses?      
    • What are SAS Functions?
    • How to use Logical Variables?
    • What is ODS Statement?
    • Explain Proc Print in SAS?                                             
    • What is Proc Sort in SAS?
    • What is Proc Contents?
    • How to use Proc Append ?                                                   
    • How to use Proc Transpose?
    • What is Proc Compar in SAS?
    • What is Proc Options?
    • What is Proc Forms?
    • What are Proc Datsets in SAS?
    • What is Proc Copy?
    • What is Proc Calendar?                                                                                 
    • What are Proc Format?                                                                                            
    • What are Proc Import?                                                                                              
    • How to use Proc Export?    
    • How to use Proc Cport and examples
    • What is Proc Cimport in SAS                                                                          
    • What is Proc Printto in SAS?   
    • What is Proc Delete and how to use it?                                                                                          
    • What is Proc Tabulate in reporting?                                                                                          
    • What is Proc Report?                                                                                           
    • Expalin Proc Chart with examples? 
    • Using Proc Gchart                                                                        
    • Using Proc Plot 
    • Using Proc Gplot  
    • Using Graph-N-Go
    • What is Univariate Procedure?   
    • What is Means Procedure?                                                                             
    • What is Frequency Procedure?                                                                    
    • What is the Correlation Procedure?                                                                           
    • What are Reg Procedure?                                                                                 
    • How to use Anova Procedure and Glm Procedure?                                                                         
    • How to use Rank Procedure?
    • What is Forecast Procedure  ?          
    • Creating, insert data into, alter, updating table
    • Understanding Where, order by, group by, having, distinct                                        
    • Using Functions 
    • How to use Options?                                                                            
    • How to use Joins?
    • What is Set operators?
    • What are Integrity Constraints?                                                                                
    • What is Pass Through Facility  (PTF) 
    • Introduction to Macros                                                                              
    • Understanding Macro processing                                                              
    • Understanding Macro Variables                                                                               
    • What are Control statements in Macros?    
    • What are Macro Parameters?                                                        
    • Understanding Macro Functions and Macro quoting functions                                              
    • What are Datastep Functions in macro language? 
    • Exploring Auto call libraries                                                                                      
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SAS Base Certification FAQ’s:
1.What is a SAS base?

SAS base provides an integrated, scalable software environment specially designed for data access, reporting, and transformation.

2.Do you assist in SAS base certification?

Yes, we do provide you all the assistance required for you to take and clear the SAS base certification.

3.What is the type SAS base certification exam?

It is proctored exam type and has to be written in Prometric centers. It is 135 mins exam with nearly 50 multiple choice and short answer questions.

4.What is the exam fee?

The SAS Base certification cost is USD 180.

5.Do we provide certification?

Yes, we provide you with certification upon completion of the course successfully. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. It will help you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

6.What if I miss the SAS online class?

We will provide you with the Base SAS Training recording of the session. And also with eLearning material for self-study.

7.What is the average SAS Base programmer salary?

The SAS Base programmer salary is $80,064/Yr.

8.Will I be able to contact directly to the instructors?

Yes! You can contact directly to the instructors if you face any problem in understanding any concept.

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