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SAS CDISC Online Training

This SAS CDISC online training program is created by leading professionals in CDISC. This program will make it efficient in following quality standards in the medical research and pharmaceutical sector. CDISC is a non-profit organization specialized in developing industry standards globally for medical research and in the healthcare sector. This training program teaches you the best practices and case studies for you to master CDISC standards for implementation.

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SAS Course Overview

SAS CDISC Training

SAS uses CDISC standards to streamline and effectively manage the data collection, processing, and analysis of patient’s health-related information for clinical trials of drug development. CDISC sets standards globally for the drug development process.

We also provide SAS CDISC certification which makes you a professional in identifying the problems and streamlining the processes of medical and pharmaceutical research. This program will make you aware of clinical data standards in SAS and CDISC latest versions used.

SAS Online Course Key Features

  • Understanding of CDISC.
  • Concepts of CIDSC Data models
  • Using SAS in clinical research
  • Guide you with CIDSC certification.
  • Provide you with CDISC interview questions.
  • CDISC adam implementation guide
  • Learn from experts with 100% real-time examples
  • Useful for SAS certified data scientist

Who should take SAS CDISC Training?

This SAS CDISC training primarily benefits medical professionals, pharmacists along individuals who want to pursue their career in SAS. CDISC certification will make you use the best industry practices efficiently.

Course curriculum
    • Drug Development Process
    • ICH-GCP E3,E6,E8
    • 21 CFR Part 11
    • CDISC – SDTM, ADaM and define.xml Implementation
    • Paper CRF’s, Annotated CRF’s, EDC
    • Statistical analysis plan Interpretation
    • Trial designs
    • MedDRA Coding/ WHO Drug
    • List of Domains
    • Basic of SDTM Domains
    • CDISC Variable types and their importance
    • Fundamentals of CDISC SDTM
    • Special Purpose Domains
    • Creating Custom SDTM Domains
    • Timing variables in SDTM
    • CDISC SDTM core variables
    • Supplemental Qualifiers
    • What is Controlled terminology and different types of terminology
    • What is Special Purpose Domains (CO,SE,DM,SV)
    • What is Intervention domain (SU,CM,EX,PR)
    • What are Events observation class (CE,AE,DS,HO,DV,HO,MH)
    • How to analyse Findings(DA,PE,VS,LAB,IE,QS,RP,SS,ECG)
    • Creation of Mapping/Metadata Specification as per SDTM Guidelines
    • Define.XML
    • Creation of different SDTM Datasets(DM,AE etc)
    • Creation of Trial Design Domain datasets.
    • Programming of Various Standard SDTM Macros like study day,empty dataset etc.
    • SDTM datasets validation and resolution
    • ADSL Subject level information basics
    • Information of BDS basics
    • ADAM Implementation Rules
    • Creation of Adam Metadata Specification
    • Creation of ADAM datasets (BDS and ADSL dataset)
    • ADAM datasets resolution and validation
    • Creation of ADAM Define.XML
    • FDA Submission standards of ADAM datasets
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SAS CDISC Training FAQ’s:
1.What is CDISC fullform?

The full form of CDISC is Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium. It provides the global standards for medical research and pharmaceuticals.

2.What are CDISC standards?

CDISC standards are necessary for clinical trials in the medicine, drug development process. To streamline the information flow like data collection, analysis, and reporting through a standard protocol.

3.What is CDISC in SAS?

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System it’s a statistical software used for business intelligence, data collection, processing the patient’s health-related information. CDISC sets the standard to process this information fast and accurately. It streamlines the process defined by SAS.

4.Do you provide SAS CDISC certification?

Yes, We provide SAS CDISC certification on completion of the course. Our certification has a standing in the market which will be very beneficial to you.

5.How’s The SAS CDISC Job Market?

SAS is the market leader in business analytics software. It is widely used by renowned companies and the requirement for SAS professionals is growing. CDISC certification is an added advantage for such candidates so job opportunities are huge.

6.Do you assist with CDISC interview questions?

Yes, We provide mock tests as well as CDISC interview questions that are likely to be asked.

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