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Reddit Programming Online Course (R Language)

You may learn everything about the R language in the FolksIT course R Programming Online Training. You will gain knowledge of writing and running code in RStudio. Your instructor will show you how to declare variables using various data types, as well as how to construct and run programmes. An integrated development environment called RStudio makes it simple to write and run R language code. You will be able to find employment as a R developer, a R programming language consultant, and many other R programming positions by completing this course.

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R Programming Course Overview

R Programming

We will teach R programming from basics to advanced concepts. In this course, you will learn to write simple Reddit language programs by declaring variables, writing user-defined functions, using inbuilt functions, using different types of libraries, and many other concepts.

The course will start from basic R programming and then advanced topics will be covered. You can choose the schedule like weekend classes, evening classes, regular classes, etc. and the instructor will teach you accordingly. You can learn one-to-one sessions or attend a class having ten students. Projects will be given to you for your practice. You will also get the facility of mock tests and mock interviews.

Learn RStudio Key Features

  • Learn how to use RStudio to write R programs
  • You will get in-depth knowledge of R programming language
  • Learn to use variables and data types
  • Know about making user-defined functions and also working with inbuilt functions
  • Know the ways of connecting an R application to a database
  • Know about testing the codes and deployment of the application
  • Become Data Scientist with a high salary
  • Get R programming tutorials for reference
  • Get a certificate in Rafter completing R programming certification
  • You can build a worthy Data Scientist Resume
  • We will provide Data Scientist Interview Questions for reference

Who should take R Programming Certification?

People who want to make their career in the analytics industry can learn the R language. People who want to go into the Big Data industry can also do the course. Besides this, professionals related to business intelligence, Data Scientists, Business development, statistical reporting, etc. can also do the Basic R Programming course. Learning R programming for beginners is also easy.

R Programming Language Training Important Facts

  • R language is an open-source language and no license is needed to use it.
  • R language is platform-independent.
  • The language has a lot of packages.
  • R programming language is compatible with other languages
Course curriculum
    • Declaring variables with Double datatype
    • Declaring variables with Integer datatype
    • Declaring variables with Complex datatype
    • Declaring variables with Logical datatype
    • Declaring variables with Character datatype
    • Declaring variables with Factor datatype
    • Declaring variables with Dates and Time datatype
    • Missing data and Infinite values
    • What are Vectors?
    • What are Matrices?
    • What are Arrays?
    • What are Data frames?
    • What are Time-series objects?
    • What is List?
    • What is the str function?
    • Importing data from Text files
    • Importing data from Excel files
    • Importing data from Databases
    • Importing data from The Foreign package
    • Usage of Vector subscripts
    • Usage of Matrix subscripts
    • Usage of Manipulating Data frames
    • Usage of Attributes
    • Usage of Character manipulation
    • Creation of factors from continuous data
    • Introduction to functions
    • Using Arguments and variables
    • Managing  control flow
    • R functions debugging
    • Performing Vectorized computations
    • Using apply and outer functions
    • How to use compiled code
    • About plot functions
    • Graph modification process
    • Understand Trellis Graphics
    • Know about The ggplot2 package
    • About Basic statistical functions
    • Know about Regression models
    • Know about Linear regression models
    • Know about Logistic regression
    • What are Tree models?
    • Performing Survival analysis
    • Know about Non linear regression
    • Object Oriented Programming
    •  R Language objects
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R Programming FAQ’s:
1.Will we be able to interact live with instructors while learning R programming?

Yes! You can directly communicate and ask questions to the instructors while learning R programming.

2.Who designs course curriculum for learning R programming course?

Our expert trainers design learning R programming course curriculum. They have much experience in this language and they always upgrade the version when a new one comes in the market.

3.Do we have only theory classes for reddit programming course?

No! Besides theory, practical classes will also be conducted.

4.Why should we take up R online training?

You can make a good career by taking up the course/. Certified professionals are in demand and doing this course will lead you to a good job with a high salary.

5.Is there any facility of mock interviews available?

Yes! The facility of mock interview sessions is available with us.

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