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Data Science With R Online Training

This course deals with online training of Data Science. This program will provide you with various concepts of R programming for data science. This program R for Data science is crafted by our leading instructors in R programming. We also provide certification training that will make you ready for real-time scenarios.

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What is R in Data Science?

Data Science With R

Data Science for R is one of the most widely used languages for statistical computing and data analysis. This programming language focuses on the languages’ graphical and statistical use. you will learn how to perform data visualization and statistical analysis. The R program language is open-source software. 

R Programming For Data Science - Key Features

  • Introduction to basics of R programming language.
  • Install and configuration of R  
  • Learn and practice R for data science solutions.
  • Guidance for certification. 
  • Guidance in resume building for R programming.

Who should take this course?

This course benefits professionals who are already into programming and want to change in the R environment. Individuals with knowledge of statistics can also pursue a career in R programming. Beginners can practice with this course. Individuals who are interested in getting certification can also do this course.

Course curriculum
    • Overview of Business Analytics
    • Concepts of Business Decisions and Analytics
    • Types of Business Analytics
    • Applications of Business Analytics
    • Data Science Overview
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview of R programming
    • Importance of R
    • Data Types and Variables in R
    • How to use Operators in R
    • What are the Conditional Statements in R
    • What are the types of Loops in R
    • How to write R script and use of it.
    • Functions in R
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview of Data structures
    • Identifying Data Structures
    • Demo: Identifying Data Structures
    • Assigning Values to Data Structures
    • Concepts of Data Manipulation
    • Demo: Assigning Values and Applying Functions
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview of Data Visualization
    • Introduction to Data Visualization
    • Data Visualization Using Graphics in R
    • What is Ggplot2 in R?
    • File Formats of Graphic Outputs R
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview data science
    • Introduction to Hypothesis
    • Types of Hypothesis
    • Data Sampling
    • Confidence and Significance Levels
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview
    • Hypothesis Test
    • Parametric Test
    • Non-Parametric Test
    • Hypothesis Tests about Population Means
    • Hypothesis Tests about Population Variance
    • Hypothesis Tests about Population Proportions
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview
    • Introduction to Regression
    • Analysis Types of Regression
    • Analysis Models Linear Regression
    • Demo: Simple Linear Regression
    • Non-Linear Regression
    • Demo: Regression Analysis with Multiple Variables
    • Cross Validation
    • Non-Linear to Linear Models
    • Principal Component Analysis
    • Factor Analysis
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview
    • Classification and Its Types
    • Logistic Regression
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Demo: Support Vector Machines
    • K-Nearest Neighbours
    • Naive Bayes Classifier
    • Demo: Naive Bayes Classifier
    • Decision Tree Classification
    • Demo: Decision Tree Classification
    • Random Forest Classification
    • Evaluating Classifier Models
    • Demo: K-Fold Cross Validation
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview
    • Introduction to Clustering
    • Clustering Methods
    • Demo: K-means Clustering
    • Demo: Hierarchical Clustering
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
    • Overview
    • What is Association Rule and how to use it?
    • What is Apriori Algorithm?
    • Demo: Apriori Algorithm
    • Conclusion
    • Knowledge Check
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Data Science With R FAQ’s:
1.Which is better for data science R or Python?

Both have different purposes and useful.
Python is a general programming language used more in machine learning workflows.
R is used for graphical and statistical computing .

2.How do I get R certification?

You have to write the proctored exam for R certification in the Prometric center. This Data Science with R course will help you to take and pass the exam confidently.

3.Do we provide data science with r certification?

Yes, we provide the certification on completion of the course. This certification will make you stand out in the programming market and get hired easily.

4.Is R easy to learn?

If you are having a statistical background in mathematics and have a flair for learning programming then it's an easy job.

5.Are The Data Science With R Jobs Pay High?

Yes, data science with R jobs is among the highest paid in the US. The job market for such professionals is growing.

6.Do You Provide R For The Data Science Exercise?

Yes, we provide R for data science exercises and solutions.

7.What are the different Job roles in R language?

The different Job roles in R language are.
R programmer
R developer
Data analyst
Data scientist.

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