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Data Mining Online Training

The Data Mining online training program has been devised per the best and latest practices of the industry by our leading expert faculty having substantial experience. Data Mining is defined as extracting patterns, information, and trends from large structured or unstructured data. This helps entrepreneurs, researchers, and individuals in extracting valuable information. This course will help you master Data Mining methods and techniques to classify data in different classes. This training program will make you efficient in using Data Mining tools for visualizing data and help you solve real-time data mining issues.

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What is Data Mining?

Data Mining Training

Data mining is also called knowledge discovery of Database (KDD). There are a lot of opportunities for Data Mining jobs as data analysis is becoming a lucrative career. Our expert faculty are proactive in solving your queries and provide you with the best information and practices. This Data mining tutorial covers all the aspects from beginners to advance levels.

You will learn about the Data mining definition, benefits, and usage. You will learn the process like Data Cleaning, Data clustering, Data Integration, Data visualization and Transformation, Pattern evaluation, and Data presentation. Our live instructor-led classes are more interesting, interactive, and dynamic than classroom teaching. Our Data Mining Certificate is much in line with the requirement of current market trends. By the end of this Data Mining Online course, you will be a pro in principles of Data Mining techniques.

Online Data Mining Course Key Features

  • Introduction to Data Mining
  • Understanding Principles of Data Mining
  • Learn about Data clustering, Text mining, Data visualization
  • Usage of Data Mining Tools
  • Provide you with important Data Mining Interview Questions
  • One to One session
  • Live Instructor-led classes
  • Complete Knowledge on Data Mining Techniques
  • Learn Data Mining With Python
  • Get Data Mining Certificate

Who should take Data Mining Training Online?

This course primarily benefits data analysts, data scientists, and IT professionals who want to upskill or shift to the Data mining domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Data mining domain can also opt. Professionals requiring Data Mining certification to advance their careers can also opt.

Course curriculum
    • What is data mining? 
    • Related technologies - DBMS, OLAP, Statistics, Machine Learning 
    • Data Mining Goals 
    • Stages of the  Data Mining Process 
    • Data Mining Techniques 
    • Knowledge Representation Methods 
    • Applications 
    • Example: weather data 
    • DBMS and Data Warehouse
    • Multidimensional data model 
    • OLAP operations 
    • Example: loan data set 
    • Data cleaning 
    • Data transformation 
    • Data reduction 
    • Discretization and generating concept hierarchies 
    • Installing Weka 3 Data Mininga System 
    • Experiments with Weka – discretization, filters
    • Task relevant data 
    • Background knowledge 
    • Interestingness measures 
    • Representing input data and output knowledge 
    • Visualization techniques 
    • Experiments with Weka - visualization 
    • Attribute generalization 
    • Attribute relevance 
    • Class comparison 
    • Statistical measures 
    • Experiments with Weka - using statistics and filtersCon
    • Motivation and terminology 
    • Example: mining weather data 
    • Basic idea: item sets 
    • Generating item rules and sets efficiently 
    • Correlation analysis 
    • Experiments with Weka - mining association rules 
    • Basic mining/learning tasks 
    • Inferring rudimentary rules: 1R algorithm 
    • Decision trees 
    • Covering rules 
    • Experiments with Weka – rules, decision trees 
    • The prediction task 
    • Statistical (Bayesian) classification 
    • Bayesian networks 
    • Instance-based methods (nearest neighbor) 
    • Linear models 
    • Experiments with Weka - Prediction 
    • Basic issues 
    • Training and testing 
    • Estimating classifier accuracy (leave-one-out, holdout, cross-validation,) 
    • Combining multiple models (boosting, stacking, bagging) 
    • Minimum Description Length Principle (MLD) 
    • Experiments with Weka - testing and training
    • Preprocessing data from a real medical domain
    • Applying various data mining techniques to create accurate and comprehensive model of the data. 
    • Basic issues in clustering 
    • First conceptual clustering system: Cluster/2 
    • Partitioning methods: expectation maximization (EM), k-means 
    • Hierarchical methods: divisible clustering and distance-based agglomerative
    • Conceptual clustering: Cobweb 
    • Experiments with k-means, Cobweb, Weka EM
    • Text mining: Structural approaches (soft parsing, parsing), extracting attributes (keywords)
    • Bayesian approach to classifying text 
    • Web mining: Extracting knowledge from the web, classifying web pages 
    • Data Mining software and its applications. 
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Data Mining Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Data Mining?

Data Mining is the process of extracting information to identify trends, useful data, and Patterns. That allows businesses to take a data-driven decision from the huge sets of structured or unstructured data. Data Mining is also called Knowledge Discovery of Data.

2.What is the Data Mining Benefits?

Some of the key Data mining benefits
• Market Analysis
• Fraud Detection
• Customer Retention
• Production Control
• Science Exploration

3.What are the four Data Mining Techniques?

The Data Mining techniques are
• Regression (Predictive)
• Association (Descriptive)
• Classification (Predictive)
• Clustering (Descriptive)

4.How do I get Data Mining certificate?

We provide you with a certificate upon completion of the course. Our DM certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. It will help you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

5.What if I miss the Data Mining online class?

We will provide you with video recording and also Data Mining tutorials, material for self-study.

6.What is Data mining with Python?

Data mining with Python is one of the most powerful modules. We use the Python library for data mining. As it is efficient and user-friendly.

7.What is the average Data Mining Salary?

The average Data Mining salary is $76,783/yr.

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