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Cloud Architect Online Training

The Cloud Architecture Training is designed and conceived by our top expert faculty who worked with some of the leading MNCs. Cloud Architect Domain is up trending and is among the highest-paid. This course helps you master all the critical tasks and techniques. This Cloud Architect Course will make you proficient in concepts of cloud architecture on various platforms. The cloud Architect Certification will help you gain trust and credibility as it deals with all the cloud architect essentials. By the end of this course, you will be industry-ready and confident to deal with real-time scenarios effectively.

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Cloud Architect Course Overview

Cloud Architect Online Training

The Cloud Architect job market is huge and among the highest-paid. Therefore Cloud Architect program will help you in every aspect to find your dream job. You will master the core concepts required for designing and deploying dynamically, scalable, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications. This course is in sync with the best industry practices and standards so it makes all the more easy to find cloud architect jobs and cloud architect internship.

You will learn about cloud infrastructure and various tools used for deployment. This is live instructor-led training with hands-on experience which is much better than the classroom environment. This course will help you grab the best jobs in the cloud domain.

AWS Cloud Architect Key Features

  • Fundamentals of Cloud computing
  • Core concepts of designing and planning Cloud architecture
  • Analyzing and optimizing technology and business processes
  • Guidance in building good Cloud architect resume
  • Providing important Cloud Architect interview questions
  • Live projects to practice upon
  • Choose your schedule according to your convenience
  • Get AWS Cloud Architect certification

Who can take Cloud Architect Certification?

This cloud architect Training is beneficial for professionals like software developers, IT engineers, and network administrators who want to shift to the cloud domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Cloud domain can also opt. Additionally, professionals who want Cloud architect certification boost their career growth.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing 
    • Overview of Google Cloud Platform
    • Useful Links and Documentation
    • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview : Compute 
    • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview : Networking 
    • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview : Storage 
    • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview : Big Data and Artificial Intelligence  
    • Google Cloud Platform Resource Overview: Tools and Operations

    Hands - on:

    • Creating a Free Google Cloud Platform Account
    • Navigating to Google Cloud Platform: Services and Products
    • Managing Google Cloud Platform with Console 
    • Managing Google Cloud Platform with Command Line 
    • Google Cloud SDK Installation 
    • Understand gcloud, gsutil, and other Command-Line Tools
    • Google Cloud Platform Projects and Billings
    • Understand GCP Projects 
    • Project User Roles


    • Getting Started with Google Web console
    • Getting Started with Cloud Shell and gcloud
    • Projects in the Cloud Console
    • Global Footprint: Regions, Zones, and Edge Locations
    • Virtual Private Cloud
    • Cloud Load Balancing
    • Virtual Private Network


    • GCP Load Balancing HTTP traffic
    • VPC networking fundamentals
    • VPN Gateway
    • Overview of IAM
    • IAM Service Account
    • Identity Aware Proxy (IAP)
    • Cloud KMS


    • IAM Custom Roles
    • IAP Demo
    • Service Account in GCP
    • Getting started with KMS
    • Compute Engine and Virtual Machines
    • Machine types in Compute Engines
    • compute options
    • Disk options
    • Advanced options in compute engine


    • Compute Engine Demo
    • Creating a auto-scaled Managed Instance Groups
    • Snapshots and Images Demo
    • Data Service Options
    • GCP Storage
    • Cloud SQL
    • Cloud Spanner
    • Cloud Datastore and Cloud Firestore
    • Cloud Bigtable


    • Cloud Spanner Demo
    • Cloud Datastore Demo
    • Cloud Bigtable Demo
    • Cloud SQL Demo
    • Cloud Storage Bucket Demo
    • Monolithic and Microservice Architecture
    • What are Containers?
    • What is Docker
    • How to use Kubernetes?
    • Google Kubernetes Engine
    • Helm Package Manager


    • Container Registry Demo
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Demo
    • Deploying a Memcached service to GKE
    • Compute Service and App Engine
    • What is Cloud Function and how to create it?
    • What is Cloud Run used for?
    • Use of Cloud VMware Engine


    • Deploying an Application in Google App Engine
    • Using Cloud Functions
    • Using Cloud Run
    • DevOps
    • Cloud Source Repository
    • Jenkins with Google Cloud
    • Cloud Logging Services
    • Cloud Monitoring Service


    • Cloud Logging and Sinks
    • Cloud Monitoring
    • Cloud Source Repository
    • Jenkins in GKE
    • How to use Cloud Resources?
    • Configuration
    • What is Template automation?
    • What is the role of Deployment Manager?


    • Using Deployment Manager
    • Managed Services
    • What is Dataflow?
    • How to create and configure Pub/Sub?
    • What is BigQuery and how to use it?
    • How to use cloud Datalab?
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Cloud Architect Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is cloud architecture?

Cloud architecture is how the different technology components are integrated through virtualization of technology and shared across the network to create clouds. They have both front-end and back-end platforms.

2.What is a cloud architect?

A cloud architect is responsible for converting the project into architectural design and plan. They are also responsible for designing and implementing cloud computing solutions including cloud application architecture and infrastructure

3.How to become a Cloud Architect?

An individual should have a solid understanding of cloud architect and cloud deployment architectures.

4.How do I get cloud certification?

We will provide you with certification upon completion of the course. Our certification is accredited by leading organizations. It helps you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

5.How much is Cloud Architect salary?

The average AWS Cloud architect salary is $131k/yr.

6.Are cloud architect jobs in demand?

Yes, the CompTIA survey found that 46% of IT professionals indicate the overall IT skill gap is growing, with cloud infrastructure applications among the most in-demand skills.

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