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Cloudera Data Analyst Online Training Introduction

Cloudera Data Analyst Training has been comprehensively designed as per the industry standards and trends. Cloudera is an open-source cloud platform. It uses analytics and machine learning to yield insights from data through various sources. It performs multi-function analytics on a unified platform and helps you make informed strategic business decisions. Cloudera Data Analyst Training will help you master the techniques to analyze complex datasets. Cloudera Data Analyst Training program will make you efficient in data analytics and business intelligence skills. This course will equip you with all the necessary skills to take and clear Cloudera Data Analyst Certification which gives you a real chance to land high-paying Cloudera Data Analyst jobs.

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Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Course Overview

Cloudera Data Analyst Training

Cloudera is one of the most popular cloud-based platforms for data analytics. Our expert faculty are always eager to solve your queries at any given time. We designed instructor-led classes to give you the best and most cosy learning environment.

Learn about data management, data storage, data querying, Cloudera tools, and many more key cloud concepts. The Cloudera Data Platform Training program covers all the aspects from beginner’s level to advanced level. By the end of this course, you will become proficient in every aspect of data analytics and become a Cloudera Certified Data Analyst.

Cloudera Data Analyst Certification Key Features

  • Core concepts of Cloudera Data Analyst.
  • Installation and Configuration of Cloudera
  • Get Cloudera Data Analyst Certification.
  • Provide you with important Cloudera Data Analyst interview questions.
  • Provide you with Cloudera Data Analyst training pdf material for self-study.
  • Guidance in building Cloudera Data Analyst resume.
  • One to One session.
  • Real-time projects are available. 

Who should take Cloudera DA Training?

This Cloudera course primarily benefits data analysts, developers, business analysts, and IT professionals to either want to upskill or shift to the Cloudera Data Analyst domain. Freshers who want to pursue a career in the Cloudera  Domain can also opt. Professionals who want certification to advance their career and become Cloudera certified Data Analyst.

Course curriculum
    • Introduction
    • The Motivation for Hadoop
    • Hadoop Overview
    • Data Storage: HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)
    • Distributed Data Processing: YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator), MapReduce, and Spark
    • Data Processing and Analysis: Pig, Hive, and Impala
    • Database Integration: Sqoop
    • Other Hadoop Data Tools
    • Exercise Scenario Explanation
    • What Is Hive?
    • What Is Impala?
    • Why Use Hive and Impala?
    • Schema and Data Storage
    • Comparing Hive and Impala to Traditional Databases
    • Use Cases
    • Databases and Tables
    • Basic Hive and Impala Query Language Syntax
    • Data Types
    • Using Hue to Execute Queries
    • Using Beeline (Hive's Shell)
    • Using the Impala Shell
    • Concept of Operators
    • Concept of Scalar Functions
    • Concept of Aggregate Functions
    • Concept of Data Storage
    • Creating Databases and Tables
    • Loading Data
    • Altering Databases and Tables
    • Simplifying Queries with Views
    • Storing Query Results
    • Concept of Partitioning Tables
    • Loading Data into Partitioned Tables
    • When to Use Partitioning
    • Choosing a File Format
    • Using Avro and Parquet File Formats
    • UNION and Joins
    • Handling NULL Values in Joins
    • Advanced Joins
    • Using Common Analytic Functions
    • Other Analytic Functions
    • Complex Data with Hive
    • Complex Data with Impala
    • Using Regular Expressions with Hive and Impala
    • Processing Text Data with SerDes in Hive
    • Sentiment Analysis and n-grams
    • Understanding Query Performance
    • Bucketing
    • Hive on Spark
    • How Impala Executes Queries?
    • Improving Impala Performance
    • Custom SerDes and File Formats in Hive
    • Data Transformation with Custom Scripts in Hive
    • User-Defined Functions
    • Parameterized Queries
    • Comparing Hive, Impala, and Relational Databases
    • Which tool to Choose?
    • Conclusion
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Cloudera Data Analyst Training FAQ’s:
1.What is Cloudera Data Analyst?

Cloudera is a platform for machine learning and analytics optimized for the cloud. It transforms structured and unstructured data into meaningful data and helps the business make informed decisions.

2.How do I get Cloudera Data Analyst certification?

The certification is provided by the Cloudera organization. Once you decide on the type of certification we can customize the course accordingly. It is a proctored exam and the time limit is 120 min.

3.What is the cost of certification & cutoff?

The Cloudera Data analyst certification cost is $295 and the passing score of the Cloudera data analyst exam is 70%.

4.What if I miss one online class?

We would provide you with the Cloudera Data analyst training material with recorded sessions.

5.What is the Cloudera Data Analyst salary?

The Cloudera Data Analyst salary is $169k/Yr.

6.Can I attend the demo class?

Yes, you can attend the demo class and can decide if you want to continue.

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