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AWS Big Data Online Training

This AWS Big data online training has been designed and conceived by our team of experts in line with industry standards. This AWS big data training provides you with the skills required for using AWS cloud services for building and deploying Big data applications. This training program will help you to master all the concepts of AWS big data. AWS is cost-effective and this has made many companies adopt AWS cloud services for their different requirements, especially for Big data environments. This has gained huge popularity among cloud services. This program will provide you with the best practices of the industry and make you ready for any real-time situations that may arise.

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Big Data with AWS Course Overview


Big data analytics is a popular programming model used to analyze large-scale data and extract useful information. AWS provides cloud services and the required infrastructure to deal with big data applications. Amazon big data analytics provides you with different technologies to handle a large amount of data. Learn about amazon's big data strategy. This AWS data analytics certification provides you with all the knowledge and skill required for you to clear the certification. In this program, you will learn how to deal with and solve real-time scenarios.

AWS Big Data Training Key Features

  • Introduction to AWS Big data solutions
  • AWS Big data technology fundamentals
  • Learn in detail about big data AWS architecture
  • Core concepts of Big data applications
  • Guidance for AWS data analytics certification
  • Help you build Big Data Developer resume
  • Guide you with important AWS big data interview questions

AWS Big Data Certification - Eligibility

AWS Big Data Online Training is beneficial for professionals in Big data domain as it will be helpful for their career development. This course can also helps individuals looking for a career in big data technologies on Amazon web services.

Course curriculum
    • Fundamentals of AWS Services
    • Fundamentals of IAM
    • AWS Web console
    • Setting up AWS CLI
    • Data Collection systems
    • Availability and Durability of the data collection would optimize the operational characteristics of the storage solution.
    • Data access and retrieval patterns
    • Appropriate data structure and storage format
    • Amazon S3 Standard for frequent data access
    • Amazon S3 Standard for infrequent data access
    • What are Big data Storage classes?
    • S3 data stored geographically
    • S3 Cross-region Replication
    • S3 Lifecycle rules
    • S3 pricing concerns
    • S3 Security
    • Hosting a Static Website on Amazon S3
    • S3 Access Control
    • IAM Roles for S3 Access
    • Creating bucket policies
    • S3 Data Management
    • S3 Analytics
    • AWS Database services
    • Launching an RDS Aurora instance
    • Connecting to RDS Aurora
    • Backup and restore
    • Securing RDS
    • High-availability using Multi-AZ
    • Read replicas
    • Working with DynamoDB
    • Features and usecases of DynamoDB
    • Redshift Architecture
    • Redshift Security
    • Loading the data
    • Query Design
    • Table design
    • Best practices
    • Workload Management
    • Restore and Snapshot
    • Overview of Redshift Spectrum
    • IAM Permissions for AWS Glue
    • DNS in Your VPC
    • Environment to Access Data Stores
    • Environment for Development Endpoints
    • AWS Glue Console Workflow Overview
    • Populating AWS Glue Catalog
    • Authorizing Jobs
    • Running and Monitoring
    • ETL Programming
    • AWS Glue API
    • AWS Big data Ecosystem
    • EMR introduction
    • EMR Architecture
    • EMR Operation
    • Spark on EMR
    • Hadoop on EMR
    • Kinesis streams
    • Kinesis agent
    • Kinesis Producers and consumers
    • AWS Athena Overview and Setup
    • Data Catalogues
    • Integration with AWS Glue
    • Securing Athena
    • Working with Source Data
    • Querying Data in Amazon Thena
    • Querying Geospatial Data
    • Security in Athena
    • Handling Schema Updates
    • Querying AWS Service Logs
    • Integration with Redshift
    • Best Practices
    • Data visualization
    • Design and architect the data processing solution
    • Identify how to ensure data integrity
    • Data security and encryption
    • Data Pipeline
    • Use cases
    • Industry Best practices on Big Data
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AWS Big Data Online Training FAQ’s:
1.What is AWS Big data?

AWS provides the infrastructure to run Big data applications. AWS is a cloud services provider.

2.How do I Get AWS Certified Data Analytics Certification?

AWS data analytics certification is provided by AWS. This is an online proctored exam, we have to schedule the exam timing and from where we are going to take it. We will guide and prepare you with all the knowledge and skill required to clear this exam.

3.How much is the cost of taking AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty?

The AWS big data specialty certification cost is 300 USD.

4.How long is AWS certification valid?

AWS certifications are valid for three years and then we have to go for recertification.

5.How Amazon uses big data?

Big data is the reason for Amazon being the number one. It gathers all the data of customers visiting various websites and then with big data applications it sorts the data to get the required information. This is called amazon’s recommendation technology.

6.What is AWS's big data specialty?

AWS big data specialty certification is for individuals performing complex big data analyses with at least two years of experience.

7.What is average AWS Big Data Engineer salary?

The average AWS Certified Big data developer pay starts from $98,319/yr.

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