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Tibco AMX BPM Online Course (TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM)

FolksIT is providing Tibco AMX BPM Training with certification. In this training, you will be able to learn about designing, developing, deploying, and configuring Tibco ActiveMatrix Business Process Management applications. These applications can be developed with the help of Tibco Business Studio. Real time examples will be given for understanding different concepts.

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Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Training

Tibco AMX BPM Online Training

Tibco Active Matrix BPM Training is a course in which you will learn about Tibco business studio. The course will include the concepts of organization processes and developing applications to manage these processes. Tibco AMX BPM is a platform that helps in the automation of different business processes.

The platform helps businesses to become the owner of business processes. Tibco AMX BPM tutorials will be provided in which the details of all the concepts could be found. You will also get Tibco AMX BPM interview questions. A certificate will be given after completing Tibco AMX BPM certification.

Tibco AMX BPM Certification Key Features

  • Learn about the Tibco Active Matrix (AMX) and Business Process Management Software (BPMs)
  • Check the process of BPM Software installation and setup
  • Understand the Tibco AMX BPM Architecture
  • Benefits and uses of Tibco AMX BPM can also be explained
  • Get Tibco AMX tutorial for understanding the concept in detail
  • The AMX BPM tutorial will also help you in revising the concepts that you have been taught in the online class
  • TIBCO AMX BPM Interview questions with answers will also be provided.
  • Mock test sessions will help you in practising the ways of giving real exams.
  • Mock interview sessions will include Tibco BPM interview questions and answers.
  • Instructors will be available 24/7

Who should take TIBCO AMX BPM Training?

The course can be taken up by business analysts, managers, administrators, and fresh graduates. The recommended requirement is that candidates should have a basic knowledge of programming.

Course curriculum
    • Overview of BPM (Business Process Management)
    • Understand how to work onTIBCO Business Studio
    • Model-Driven Development to TIBCO
    • What is TIBCO Active Matrix Administrator?
    • Concept of Active Matrix BPM User Clients
    • Use Picture View for analyzing Active Matrix BPM
    • Creating a Project and Organization Model
    • Modeling Elements in an Organization
    • Defining Relationships
    • Process of Adding Groups
    • Process of Assigning Privileges
    • Active Matrix runtime components
    • Deployment Configuration
    • TIBCO Active Matrix Workspace
    • Organization Browser
    • Linking Organization Model to LDAP Users
    • Business Object Modeler
    • Business Object Model Editor
    • Defining Packages and classes
    • What are Primitive Types?
    • How to define Attributes?
    • Linking Objects with Generalization and Compositions
    • Process Modeling in TIBCO Business Studio
    • Creating Business Process Model
    • Hierarchy of Process Projects
    • Defining Process Packages
    • Package Contents
    • Project Explorer
    • Process Details
    • Participant Details
    • BPMN Elements
    • Executing Business Process Model
    • Data Fields and Parameters
    • Defining Data Fields and Parameters
    • Configure User Task Interface
    • Form Preview
    • Default Form Layout
    • About PAAS (Process As A Service)
    • Expose Process as a Service
    • Business Service to call a PAAS
    • Types of Business Service
    • How to create a Business Service for a PAAS?
    • How to start a Business Service?
    • Understand event, workspace, and Process Views
    • Overview of Gateways
    • Exclusive Data-Based Gateway
    • Sequence Flows
    • Timer Intermediate Events
    • Signal Intermediate Events
    • Activity Deadline
    • Withdraw Activity
    • Page flow as a Business Service
    • Enhancing User Form Interaction
    • Characteristics of Page flow Process
    • Creating a Page flow Process
    • Create Page flow Process Wizard
    • Associate Page flow with Work Item
    • Page flow Example: Work Item Form.
    • Forms Design Environment
    • Form Outline Views
    • Creating Custom Forms
    • Form Bindings
    • Direction of Bindings
    • Cascading Style Sheets for styling Actions
    • Action Types Rules
    • Form Parameters and Form Fields
    • Form Controls
    • Specifying Validations
    • Form Scripting Scope of Variables
    • Script Execution Order
    • JSON Files
    • User Task Participants and distribution Strategy
    • Work Allocation Strategy
    • Chained Execution
    • Chaining Example
    • Chaining with Page flow Example
    • Separation of Duties
    • Retain Familiar
    • Workspace- Allocating and Reallocating work
    • Sub-Process Types
    • Reusable Sub-Process
    • Refactoring a Process
    • Embedded Sub-Process
    • TIBCO AMX-BPM Logging and Auditing
    • TIBCO Active Matrix Log Files
    • Logging Levels
    • Active Matrix BPM Loggers
    • Configuring Log level
    • Active Matrix BPM Service Tasks
    • Java Service Task
    • Java Task Execution
    • Database Service Task
    • Database Connection Profile
    • JDBC Connection Resource Instance
    • Database service Task Configuration
    • E-Mail Service Task
    • SMTP Resource Instance
    • Deployment of Service Tasks
    • SOAP Web Service Operations
    • Process as a Service: Use Cases
    • Business Process as a Web Service
    • Service Descriptors Folder
    • WSDL Document
    • What are Service Types?
    • Web Service Task Configuration
    • HTTP Client Resource Instance
    • Deployment of Web Service Task
    • Page flow Processes and usage Patterns
    • Long Running Services
    • Short Running Services
    • Page flow Best Practices
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Tibco AMX BPM Online Training FAQ’s:
1.How can we register for the AMX BPM course?

Open the course and get registered and make a payment for registration. After that, we will conduct demo classes for the course. If you like the demo classes, you can move further. In the case of dissatisfaction, registration fee will be refunded.

2.What will I get after completing the course?

You will get enough knowledge that you can handle the positions of a Tibco AMX developer, administrator, manager, etc. easily.

3.Will I get the chance of working on live projects?

No! We will only provide dummy projects but they will be like live projects and instructors will guide you to complete your projects.

4.What will I do if I miss some of the lectures?

In such a case, we will provide you the Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Training videos of those lectures.

5.Will I get the facility of mock interview sessions?

Yes! You will get the facility of mock interview sessions.

6.Are you providing Tibco BPM Interview Questions?

Yes!!! We are providing Tibco ActiveMatrix BPM Interview Questions and answers

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