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OpenGL Training

FolksIT's OpenGL Training has been designed with people interested in graphic design and game development in mind. We will teach you the most recent version, OpenGL 3.3. The OpenGL Course was created by experts and includes all of the topics required to learn and obtain jobs such as Graphic Designer, Game Developer, Android Developer, and many more.

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What is EXT Grid?

OpenGL Training

This course will teach you many things about technology. Some of the things that you will learn are listed here. The full form of OpenGL is Open Graphics Library which has been developed in order to render 2D and 3D graphics. Rendering GPU is used for rendering the images created.

There are many things that you will learn in this course and these important topics are listed below.

  • Rendering GPU
  • Triple buffering
  • Pipeline
  • Coordinate system
  • Documentation

OpenGL Online Course Key Features

  • Know the reason of occurring of error 1281
  • You will be able to install Ubuntu
  • You may need a driver update if required
  • The latest version will be taught to you
  • You will be taught about the test so that you can check whether an OpenGL driver update is needed or not

What is Ext JS API?

People who want to make their career in game development and Graphic Designing can pursue this course. The recommended prerequisites for this course are knowledge about any of the programming languages like Java, C, JavaScript, Java Server Pages, and many others. Freshers having no knowledge of any programming language can join the course provided that they will have some difficulties in the initial stages.

OpenGL Training Course Important Facts

  • The processing speed is high.
  • One app written for Android can easily run on iOS mobiles also.
  • It is easy to set up OpenGL.
  • Working is easy if people have prior knowledge of any programming language.
Course curriculum
    • What is OpenGL?
    • Explore Standard libraries and headers
    • OpenGL Terminology
    • What is OpenGL Rendering Pipelines?
    • What are the differences between Programmable vs Fixed pipelines
    • Concepts of 3D Graphics Pipeline
    • Introduction to OpenGL ES
    • Difference between OpenGL and OpenGL ES
    • Versions of OpenGL ES
    • OpenGL ES program structure
    • Timers and Double Buffering
    • 2D and 3D and Normalized Coordinate System
    • Drawing and Managing States
    • Drawing Primitives – Triangles, Points, Lines, Buffer Objects, and Vertex arrays
    • Introduction and Initialization
    • EGL Rendering context
    • How to use EGL in OpenGL
    • RGBA vs Color Index
    • Color Shade model
    • Projection, Viewport, Viewing and Modeling Transformations
    • Clipping planes and Culling
    • How to remove Hidden Surface
    • Shader Basics and Simple Shader example
    • Basics of Texture and Vertex Shader
    • How to Load Textures in OpenGL
    • What is OpenGL Objects and Filtering Textures
    • How to Customized Vertex Transformation in OpenGL
    • OpenGL Blending Basics and Equation
    • How to use Imaging Pipeline in OpenGL
    • What are Pixmaps and Bitmaps in OpenGL
    • Introduction to GLSL and Programmable Pipeline
    • Difference between Programmable Pipeline and Fixed Function
    • OpenGL Shader programming model 
    • What are Framebuffer Components?
    • What is Accumulation and Stencil Buffer?
    • Introduction to PBOs and FBOs
    • What is Offscreen Rendering
    • Using Pixel and Frame Buffer Objects
    • Performance Optimization
    • Introduction to Bottlenecks and How to avoid it
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OpenGL Training FAQ’s:
1.Why OpenGL certification is required?

OpenGL certification will teach you the methods of making 2D and 3D graphics. These graphics can also be used in game development. Industry experts will lead the course and you will be able to get hands-on experience.

2.Will OpenGL update occur when new version will arrive?

Yes! OpenGL update will be done if a new version will arrive in the market. We keep updating our courses on the arrival of new versions.

3.Is OpenGL license necessary?

No! Developers need not purchase the license as OpenGL is a free tool. Agencies who want to sell hardware related to OpenGL can take up the course.

4.What is OpenGL error 1281?

The OpenGL error 1281 occurs when graphics are being shaded though settings are not correct.

5.What is the latest version of OpenGL?

The latest version of OpenGL is OpenGL 3.3.

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