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Natural Language Processing Course

Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python Training is a course that teaches students how to create applications that can understand human speech. One such example is speech recognition, which can be found in Google and other applications. After finishing the course, you will be able to work as an NLP AI Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, and many other positions.

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Natural Language Processing Training Overview

Natural Language Processing Training

NLP Course which you will learn the ways of using natural language along with NLP python. You will know about various things like NLP use cases, engines, steps, and many more. We will train about the natural language tool kit which is a Python NLP library and consists of many functions. These functions will be useful while writing the code. You will also learn the ways of working with PDF and text files in this advanced natural language processing course.

NLP Certification - Key Features

  • Learn about different types of NLP
  • Know about NLP using python
  • Get knowledge about writing NLP code
  • Get Online Natural Language Processing Certification
  • Get NLP Certification with real-time projects. 
  • Get natural language processing examples for live programming experiences
  • You will be given knowledge about natural language processing in action and NLP classification in python

Who should learn NLP Course?

The NLP Course should be taken up by Python developers who want to learn about NLP and make their career in this field. The prerequisite of Natural Language Processing Training is that the candidate should have some knowledge of python.

Natural Language Processing with Python Course Important Facts

  • NLP has been developed to understand human language
  • Real-time automation process
  • The algorithms of NLP are made on the basis of machine learning
Course curriculum
    • Overview of NLP including the course goals and text classification task.
    • Understanding news flow classification, sentiment analysis, spam filtering, etc.
    • Learn how to get from raw texts to predicted classes both with traditional methods (eg linear classifiers) and deep learning techniques (Convolutional Neural Nets).
    • Understanding language modelling (how to predict words and suggests in search, machine translation, chat-bots, etc.)
    • Predicting sequence of tags for sequence of words.
    • Ways to determining parts of speech tags, named entities or any other tags with examples.
    • Methods based on probabilistic graphical models and deep learning.
    • Understanding higher abstraction of Texts.
    • Learn about vectors that represents meaning.
    • Discussing traditional models of distributional semantics.
    • Modern tools for word and sentence embeddings such as word2vec, FastText, StarSpace, etc.
    • How to embed the whole documents with topic models.
    • Data models used for search and data exploration.
    • NLP tasks such as machine translation, summarization, question answering, and many more.
    • Learn about general encoder-decoder-attention architecture.
    • Word alignment task in traditional pipeline.
    • Overview of task oriented dialog systems like Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa.
    • In depth knowledge of Natural Language Understanding (NLM) and Dialog Manager (DM).
    • Building your own dialog system
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Natural Language Processing Training FAQ’s:
1.What will I learn in NLP Training?

In NLP Training You will learn about the interaction of machines with humans.

2.What type of jobs will I get after pursuing natural language processing with python training?

After pursuing natural language processing with python course, you can get the job of machine learning engineer, NLP AI engineer, software support analyst, and many more.

3.Will I get NLP Certification?

Yes! A course completion certificate will be provided to you after completing the course.

4.What will happen if I miss a class?

If you will miss a class, we will provide a video of the lecture for each missed class.

5.Is there any refund policy?

Yes! Your registration fee will be returned if you are not satisfied with the demo classes.

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