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Teradata Administrator Online Training

The Teradata Administrator online training has been designed with a holistic approach by our leading industry experts having substantial experience in the Teradata domain. Teradata is an open-source database management system for developing large-scale data warehousing applications. Teradata Administrator provides the Teradata database with dynamic windows based graphical interface to perform various Teradata database administration tasks such as creating, modifying, dropping databases, etc. The Teradata administrator training will help master all the administration tasks and efficiently handle all the real-time issues that may arise. This Teradata Administrator course is in line with market requirements and industry standards which will be helpful for you to land a high-paying Teradata Administrator job. And Teradata is one of the most in-demand data warehousing systems.

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Teradata Administration Course Overview

Teradata Administrator Training

The Teradata Administration course gives an in-depth knowledge of system administration for the Teradata database. Our Industry expert faculty proactive in solving your queries and provide you with the best and latest information followed in the industry. Our instructor-led-live classes are designed to give you the best working environment with classes being interactive, interesting, and engaging than classroom teaching.

In this course, you will learn about architecture Teradata administration, topology and terminology, File synchronization, Web Sphere management system, and many more key concepts which will make you efficient in handling all the real-time issues. Our Teradata Administrator tutorial covers all the latest aspects from beginner’s level to advance level. By the end of this course, you will be able to clear Teradata Administrator certification which is in line with it.

Teradata Admin Training Key Features

  • Installation and configuration of Teradata Administration
  • Understanding Architecture of Teradata Administration
  • Exploring Teradata database utilities, archiving and restoring data
  • Get Teradata Administrator certification
  • Real-time scenario-based projects for practice
  • Provide you with important Teradata interview questions
  • One to One sessions
  • 24/7 online support

Who should take Teradata Admin course?

This course primarily benefits IT administrators, developers, and other IT professionals who want to upskill or want to shift to the Teradata domain. Individuals who want to pursue a career in the Teradata Administration domain can also opt. Professionals who want Teradata Administration certification to advance their careers.

Course curriculum
    • Architecture overview of Teradata Administration
    • Topology and terminology of Teradata Administration
    • Understanding Teradata Basic Concepts
    • Topology and terminology – Express
    • Exploring Main themes, product packaging and development tools
    • Overview of new features in Teradata Administration
    • Installation overview of Teradata Administration
    • How to manage Profiles – details
    • Exploring V6 Install – Network deployment and express
    • Web server plug-in installation
    • Web sphere Application Server V6 migration
    • System management architecture
    • What is Resource scoping in Teradata Administration?
    • Configuration repository of WebShpere
    • What is File synchronization?
    • Administrative clients overview
    • How to use Browser-based administrative console?
    • Exploring Start/stop/monitor processes
    • What is Other command in Websphere
    • Ways to Build cell – add / remove nodes
    • Exploring Cell, deployment manager, node and node agent
    • Export and import configuration archives
    • What is Manage generic servers and how to use them?
    • How to Manage node groups?
    • Application management overview of Websphere
    • Application management install and uninstall
    • Application management Lab – install application
    • Exploring Managed application resources – enhanced EARs
    • What is Lab – enhanced EAR files?
    • What is Fine -grained application update
    • Lab – application update
    • Understanding JDBC management
    • Manage Web server nodes
    • WRD Overview
    • Concepts of WRD deployment automation
    • What is Administrative security?
    • Overview and architecture of Teradata Administration
    • J2EE security for applications
    • What is Data Dictionary Objects?
    • What is Java 2 security for applications?
    • Exploring CSIv2 security
    • What is JACC
    • Managing  Security for system administrator
    • Authentication mechanism and user registries in Websphere
    • Adding security fir J2C/JDBC resources
    • Adding security for JMS resources
    • Architecture Overview
    • Configuration service integration bus resources
    • Configuring JMS resources for service integration bus
    • Workload management(WLM) and high availability (HA)
    • Mediation
    • Administrative details
    • Data replication services(DRS)
    • High Availability Overview
    • High Availability Details
    • Class loader Overview
    • Details of Websphere of Runtime Functions
    • Examples of Websphere
    • What is class loader Overview?
    • Problem determination and best practice
    • What is Dynamic application reload?
    • JNDI Overview
    • Understanding JNDI Basics
    • Uses of JNDI Advanced
    • JNDI Examples
    • What is JNDI Problem determination
    • What is Transport channel service and how to use it.
    • Application server performance overview
    • Web sphere Application Server dynamic cache
    • Performance advisor and Tivoli Performance Viewer(TPV)
    • Request metrics
    • Overview – where to start
    • Log files overview
    • Loading and tracing
    • Log and trace analyzer
    • Hung thread detection
    • Generating an IBM heap dump
    • Connection leak diagnostics
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Teradata Administrator Training FAQ’s:
1.How do I get Teradata Administrator certification?

We provide you with certification upon completion of the course. Our certificate is accredited by many leading organizations. It will help you gain trust and credibility among the companies hiring.

2.What if I miss the online class?

We provide you with recordings of the session. And also eLearning material for self-study.

3.Do you assist with Teradata Administrator jobs?

Yes, we would assist you with Teradata job opportunities. And also our courses are job-oriented.

4.What is the average Teradata Administrator salary?

The average Teradata Administrator salary is $95,246/Yr.

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