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IOS Developer Online Training Introduction

Apple IOS Developer Training is an online program from FolksIT in which you will learn the basic and advanced concepts developing applications that can run in iOS environment. You learn Swift programming language to develop apps on XCode which is a development environment provided by Apple. The apps can be developed by using UIKit along with views, layouts, and many other things. You will be taught about the development of simple as well as complex applications that can run in iOS environment. You will get IOS Developer jobs of junior or senior level.

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What is IOS Development?

IOS Developer Training

IOS Developer certification will help you in becoming a specialized iOS developer who can develop any kind of application that can run in the environment of iOS. You will be able to integrate the camera, add features through which voice messages can be sent and received. You can also enhance the app by adding a feature that can provide location information. You can fix your online IOS learning sessions at flexible timings.

iPhone IOS Developer Course Key features

  • One to One sessions
  • Demo classes will be arranged free of cost
  • The course is available at an affordable cost
  • Our Apple IOS Developer program has many features at an affordable cost
  • Use IOS  Developer tutorial to understand various types of concepts
  • You will be able to perform everything mentioned in the IOS Developer job description
  • Mock test sessions will be arranged to make you proficient for the real exam.
  • Real-time based projects for practice
  • Get IOS Developer Certification and tutorials

Who should take IOS Developer Certification course?

The iOS developer course is beneficial for those people who want to make their career as iOS developers. Software developers, mobile app developers, testing professionals, and freshers can do the course.

Course curriculum
    • Ground of Being
    • Everything Is an Object
    • Three Flavours of Object Type
    • Working with Variables
    • The Structure of a Swift File
    • Scope and Lifetime
    • Object Members
    • How to use Namespaces?
    • How to use Modules?
    • How to use Instances?
    • Why Instances?
    • The Keyword self
    • Concept of Privacy
    • Description of Design
    • Understand the usage of Functions
    • Function Parameters and Return Value
    • External Parameter Names
    • Concept of Function Overloading
    • Default Parameter Values
    • Variadic Parameters
    • Ignored Parameters
    • Modifiable Parameters
    • Function In Function
    • What is Recursion in Functions
    • Function As Value
    • Anonymous Functions
    • Define-and-Call
    • Concept of Closures
    • What are Curried Functions?
    • Function References and Selectors
    • Variable Scope and Lifetime
    • Variable Declaration
    • Computed Initializer
    • Computed Variables
    • Setter Observers
    • Lazy Initialization
    • Built-In Simple Types
    • What is Bool?
    • How to use Numbers?
    • How to use String?
    • Character and String Index
    • What is Range?
    • Understand the concept of Tuple
    • What are Optional Functions?
    • Object Type Declarations and Features
    • Concept of Enums
    • Concept of Structs
    • Concept of Classes
    • Concept of Polymorphism
    • Concept of Casting
    • Concept of Type Reference
    • Concept of Protocols
    • Concept of Generics
    • Concept of Extensions
    • Concept of Umbrella Types
    • Concept of Collection Types
    • Concept of Array
    • Concept of Dictionary
    • Concept of Set
    • Flow Control
    • Key Paths
    • Concept of Operators
    • Concept of Privacy
    • Concept of Introspection
    • Understand Memory Management
    • New Project
    • The Project Window
    • The Project File and Its Dependents
    • The Target
    • From Project to Running App
    • The App Launch Process
    • Renaming Parts of a Project
    • The Nib Editor Interface
    • Nib Loading
    • Connections
    • Additional Configuration of Nib-Based Instances
    • The Documentation Window
    • Class Documentation Pages
    • Quick Help
    • Symbol Declarations
    • Header Files
    • Sample Code
    • Internet Resources
    • Runtime Environment
    • Version Control
    • Editing and Navigating Your Code
    • Running in the Simulator
    • Concept of Debugging
    • Concept of Testing
    • Concept of Clean
    • Running on a Device
    • Understand Profiling
    • Understand Localization
    • Understand Distribution
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IOS Developer Training FAQ’s:
1.What will I learn after completing the iOS course?

You will be able to understand the core concept of iOS development. Using Swift for app development will become easy for you. You will be able to develop simple as well as complex applications.

2.What are the requirements for the course?

The requirements of the IOS Developer course are Objective C, Java, JavaScript, and concept of object oriented programming.

3.Do we get iOS developer Interview questions?

Yes, we will provide interview questions and answers for both freshers and experienced level.

4.What is XCode?

It is an Apple iOS development environment where you will have to develop the applications.

5.What will be included in the mock interview sessions?

Mock interview questions will include different types of questions that can be asked in an actual interview.

6.Will I get the facility of for making IOS Developer resume?

Yes! We will provide you the facility of making IOS Developer resume.

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