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Cyber Security certification program

This Cyber Security certification program is designed to equip the skills required to become an expert. Aimed to accelerate career growth and exposure, this course covers all fundamentals required for cybersecurity consulting and certification.

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Course Overview

Cybersecurity is the protection of computer networks and connected devices from theft and digital attacks. With the combination of technologies and processes, cybersecurity improves confidentiality, integrity and prevents unauthorized access.  This training program provides a fundamental understanding of ongoing cyber threats and attacks. You are trained with all the essential knowledge required for cybersecurity jobs.

Key Features:

  • Become aware of the most common cybersecurity risks
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest information and methods
  • Start a career in cybersecurity and become an expert
  • Advanced practical skillset training about online threats
  • Acquire job-ready skills
Who should take this course?

Anyone looking for cybersecurity jobs requires some form of cybersecurity education. It is definitely a good field to get in if you continue to learn changes. This course is also suitable for beginners and cybersecurity inters looking for effective cybersecurity awareness. This course is designed to teach the basics of social engineering, network security, and online defense even if you have no prior experience or knowledge.

Course curriculum
    • What is the importance of hacking?
    • Why it’s essential? 
    • Hacking terminology
    • History of grate attack 
    • What is the importance of Linux in hacking?
    • Introduction to networking 
    • Hacking methodology
    • Footprinting (Information gathering)
    • Why information gathering is important.
    • Types of information gathering 
    • Google  Hacking database
    • OSINT Framework        
    • Discovering  open ports
    • discovering operating system
    • discovering  services and their versions
    • Vulnerability scanning 
    • Types of vulnerability scanning
    • Introduction to the metasploit.
    • What are the modules?
    • Brief explanation of modules
    • Practice on modules 
    • Types of malwares
    • Functionality of malware
    • Countermeasures of malware
    • Sniffing
    • Man in the middle attack
    • Countermeasures 
    • Types of social engineering 
    • Countermeasures
    • Cryptography
    • types of methods
    • ciphers
    • types of ciphers
    • introduction to the web application hacking
    • SQL injection
    • Burp proxy
    • Practice  on web application hacking
    • OWASP Methodology
    • Explain about IDS IPS Firewalls
    • What is bug bounty 
    • How its use for your carries 
    • Guidance  for next level carrier
  1. Current Threat Landscape 


    Advanced persistent threats (APT's) 

    • Evolution of the threat landscape 
    • Defining APTs 

    • APT characteristics 

    • APT targets 

    • Stages of an APT attack 

    Mobile Technology – Vulnerabilities, Threats, & Risk 

    • Physical risk 

    • Organizational risk 

    • Technical risk 

    • Activity monitoring & data retrieval 

    • Unauthorized network connectivity 

    • Web view/user interface (UI) impersonation

    • Sensitive data leakage 

    • Unsafe sensitive data storage 

    • Unsafe sensitive data transmission 

    • Drive-by vulnerabilities 

    Consumerization of IT & Mobile Devices 

    • Consumerization of IT 

    • BYOD 

    Cloud & Digital Collaboration 

    • Risk of cloud computing 

    • Web application risk 

    • Benefits of cloud computing 

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Cyber Security Certification program FAQ’s:
1.How do I start a career in cyber security and find cyber security jobs?

Take training, earn certification and prepare a suitable cyber security resume. Like any other job, cyber security jobs too require proper skillset and certification. However With proper training and guidance entry level cyber security jobs are much easier to secure.

2.Is cyber security a good career?

Yes, cyber security is one of highest paying industries, thanks to the increasing demand for cyber security jobs. Entry level cyber security jobs help beginners pave their way into IT industry. Cyber security always gives room to grow. Additionally you’ll be learning new skills and understanding new technologies.

3.How much do cyber security analysts make?

A Cyber security analyst salary depends on his skills. According to Glassdoor most cyber security experts make $92K/Yr. For entry level cyber security jobs, salaries start from $50K/Yr.

4.Does Folks IT provide cyber security training with job guarantee

Getting hired mostly depends on skills and this varies among individuals. At Folks IT we impart right skills to get hired. Also, cyber security internships might add more value and makes it easy to get hired.

5.Is Cyber Security hard for learning?

Cyber security training doesn’t require higher level math’s or intensive training. This makes cyber security training program more manageable. Folks IT cyber security course syllabus is designed to provide easy learning experience.

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