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AWS Online Training & Certification

AWS professional certification enables software professionals to prove their technical expertise. AWS developer certification helps candidates to validate their skills and get hired easily. AWS security certification gives you access to the latest domain knowledge and expertise.

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Course Overview

Most of the organizations today look for candidates with Amazon Web Services certification. Companies deal with cloud computing & many other critical software issues today that only an AWS technical professional can solve. As a result, IT professionals with amazon web services certification are more preferred than ever. According to the 2020 Global Knowledge IT Skills & Salary Report, IT professionals & organizations recognize the value of amazon web services certification. It means that professional AWS developer certification& cloud skills are in huge demand across the IT industry.

Who should take this course?

Individuals interested in improving their technical skills can go for AWS online training to receive AWS professional certification. AWS certification can be also used to add value to a person's professional skills.

Course curriculum
    • Description of AWS
    • History and Evolution of AWS
    • Overview of AWS Products and Services
    • How to Design Cloud Services
    • Planning and Designing
    • Monitoring and Logging
    • IAM Overview
    • IAM Policies
    • IAM Users
    • IAM Groups
    • IAM Roles
    • IAM best practices
    • Practice Assignment: Configuring IAM Access
    • Demos Included:-
    • Creating an IAM Policy
    • Creating an IAM User
    • Creating an IAM Group
    • Creating an IAM Role


    • Amazon VPC Overview
    • Amazon VPC
    • IP Addresses
    • Subnets
    • Internet Gateway
    • Route Tables
    • NAT Devices
    • Security Groups
    • Network ACL’s
    • VPC Best Practices
    • Practice Assignment: Designing a Custom VPC
    • Demos Included:-
    • Creating a custom VPC
    • Creating an Elastic IP Address
    • Creating Subnets
    • Creating Internet Gateways
    • Creating Route Tables
    • Creating a NAT Gateway
    • Creating a Security Group
    • Network ACL Overview
    • Cloud Computing with AWS
    • Amazon EC2 Overview
    • Amazon Machine Images(AMI)
    • EC2 Instance Types
    • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
    • EC2 Pricing
    • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
    • Auto Scaling
    • AWS Services
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service
    • EC2 Best Practices and Costs
    • Practice Assignment: Configure ELB not started
    • Demos Included:-
    • Launch and connect to an EC2 Linux instance
    • Launch and connect to an EC2 Windows instance
    • Create an AMI
    • EC2 Instance Types
    • Attaching EBS Volumes
    • EBS and Raid
    • EBS Snapshots
    • EC2 Spot Pricing
    • Elastic Load Balancing
    • Auto Scaling
    • AWS CLI
    • Amazon S3 Overview
    • S3 Buckets
    • Version Control
    • Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management
    • CloudFront and CDNs
    • Security and Encryption
    • Import/Export & Snowball
    • Amazon S3 Best Practices
    • Amazon S3 Costs
    • Practice Assignment: Create an Amazon S3 bucket
    • Demos Included:
    • Create and access an Amazon S3 Bucket
    • Amazon S3 Version Control
    • Amazon S3 Lifecycle Management
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Security and Encryption


    • CORS, Replication and Transfer Acceleration in S3
    • Introduction to Storage classes
    • S3 Best Practices and Cost optimization
    • S3 Bucket Policies
    • S3 Bucket Security
    • S3 Bucket concept
    • S3 Storage classes
    • S3 Life cycle policy
    • Overview of S3
    • Cloudfront Distribution & CDN/nSnowball and Snowmobile
    • Creation of S3 Bucket
    • Version Control in S3
    • Managing Bucket permissions
    • Setting up automation of Storage Class migration
    • Creating S3 Buckets
    • Setting up Version Control in S3 Bucket
    • Hosting a static Website on S3 bucket
    • Setting up auto clean up of stored files
    • Creating Bucket policies using JSON
    • Amazon Route 53 Overview
    • Amazon Route 53 and DNS
    • Route 53 Routing Policies
    • Route 53 best practices
    • Route 53 costs and prices
    • Practice Assignment: Amazon Route 53 Hosted Zone
    • Demo Included:
    • Route 53 Hosted Zones Demo
    • AWS CloudTrail
    • AWS CloudWatch
    • AWS CloudFormation and Design patterns
    • Practice Assignment: AWS CloudWatch
    • Demos Included:-
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS Support
    • Typical AWS Problems
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AWS Online Training & Certification FAQ’s:
1.Is it possible to do AWS certification online?

Yes, you can do AWS certification online. You can take help of our subject matter experts and instructors. They are very much accessible and provides you with all the course content and study material required for online certification.

2.What are the job roles one can join after completing AWS certification course.

Here are some of the high-flying jobs that you can join after completion of AWS professional certification course:-

  • Operational support engineer.
  • Cloud software engineer.
  • System integrator-Cloud.
  • Cloud developer.
  • DevOps engineer.
  • AWS Solution architect.
  • AWS SysOps administrator.
  • Senior AWS cloud architect.

3.Where can we go take AWS online training ?

We provide amazon web services certification across the globe. You can select suitable time zone and join our online training program.

4.How do I become AWS Certified?

You have to earn a passing score via a proctored exam to become an AWS technical professional. After that, you can receive your certification credentials.

5.For how long the certification will remain valid?

You have to update your certification every three years to stay updated. You have to take the cloud practitioner exam for that. It is the only way you can update your AWS certification levels.

6.What is the age limit for taking the AWS certification exam?

A Candidate must be 13 years or older to take an AWS certification exam.

7.Why possessing amazon AWS certification is not enough to get a job?

To get noticed, you must have several AWS professional certificationas credentials with educational qualifications in your possession to get the job of your choice.

8.What kind of certification exam is necessary to become an AWS DevOps professional?

You have to clear the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional exam to become an AWS DevOps professional.

9.What is AWS certified security specialty?

The AWS certified security specialty certification allows cloud security professionals to show & authenticate their knowledge on different ways to safeguard the AWS platform.

10.Is it easy to clear the AWS security certification?

Our trainers at Folks IT will clear all the doubts about the courses of AWS security certification.

11.Does AWS professional certification need coding?

The courses for AWS professional certification are not demanding any coding skills from the candidates. You can perform basic tasks related to certification courses without any coding.

12.Which Amazon Web Services Certification is most in demand today?

Individuals with architect-associate level certification get top priority & hence AWS online training will give all such professionals a winning edge over others.

13.What is the pass percentage for clearing the AWS exam?

For the Foundation level exam, the passing score is 700 & for the associate level, it is 720. To know more, please visit the AWS website to know more about AWS online courses& courses.

14.Is it possible to learn AWS on your own?

You have to enroll with leading online training & placement institutes like Folks IT for going through AWS online training on your own. For more information, contact Folks IT at career@folksit.com.

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