Android App Development Training

This Android app development training program will help speed up your app development career. Through this android app development training program you’ll learn best practices in the field of app development. This course helps you improve efficiency, the skillset for better and faster app deployment

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Program Overview

Android app development training program propels your career as a professional android app developer. This course aims to provide an easy and complete understanding of android app development. This course consists of learning sessions and assignments. You’ll learn to code, debug and deploy Android applications.

Key Features:

  • Guidance to complete the course and get certification
  • Basics of android programming language (for beginners)
  • In-depth understanding of App development environment
  • Real-time scenarios and in-demand app examples
Who should take this course?

  • If you want to become an android developer from scratch and seeking android developer jobs then this course is for you.
  • This program is suitable to make a competitive income and build a very satisfying career.
  • People planning to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of smartphone apps.
  • Freelancers, small business owners, startup founders willing to make money can join this program.

Android App Development Training Course circullum
    • Android Stack Introduction
    • Installing Android and creating the first app on the emulator
    • Android Architecture and building blocks
    • Android App builds process.
    • Java overview– Data types, Loops, Conditionals and Operators
    • Android UI– resources, themes, threads, etc
    • Debugging in android
    • Assignments on Java Classes, Objects, Methods, Instances, etc
    • Activities, Receivers, Adapters, and Providers
    • Telephony System Architecture of Android
    • Introduction to System programming in Android
    • Java interface
    • Native library implementation
    • Building the sample native library
    • Using native functions in Java code
    • Security and Permissions
    • Basic Graphics - Input Handling,  Audio / Video playback
    • Assignments on playing audio and playing video
    • Accessing Files system, SD Cards
    • SQLite overview, Data Binding, Content Provider
    • Assignments and exposure to Lab infrastructure
    • UI design aspects of Apps
    • Gestures/touch/click handling
    • Instantiate UI elements at runtime
    • Views and Interacting with views
    • OpenGL Introduction
    • Using Threads and Models
    • Texture in OpenGL
    • Making an application in OpenGL
    • Other standard views in Android
    • Android Widget Development


    • Accessing the Internet
    • Using Web services
    • Using Java and JavaScript
    • Location Sensing
    • Client-Server Programming
    • Working with XML/JSON
    • SMS
    • Developing live App and modules
    • Exposure to development on Phones/Tablets/Set-top box.
    • Developing custom launchers and skins.
    • Full software lifecycle exposure from the requirement to market launch.
    • Applications utilizing location and maps
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Android App Development Training FAQ’s:

Great opportunities come with good learning. To begin with, programming ismost basic block for any application software developer. To be a successfulandroid developer you’ll need to be good at coding.Learning the ins and outswill stand you in good stead.

Market growth for android developer jobs is pretty good. Android isthe most sought after operating system for smartphones and itsgrowing . Smartphone became integral part of life, every company and domain needs mobile applications and android developerskills

Average android developer salary ranges from $ 96 K/yr to $120K/yr. Salaryis very much dependent on android developer skills. So, the better you learnthe higher you can earn.

Java is the language for android application development. Large parts ofandroid code are written in java and API’s are designed primarily from Java.Android application development requires understanding about projectstructure and SDK’s along with Java. Fortunately, Folks IT has the besttraining team to make learning curve better. Well-designed curriculum andexpert trainers will make learning easy, interactive and fun

No, with proper skillset and coaching it’s fairly easy to get hired. Nailing yourfirst job might be tricky and we at Folks IT strive to provide the best possiblesupport.

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